Summer Welcome Parties

Join your fellow alums at a virtual Summer Welcome Party and meet new Cal students from your area.

Remember your first year at Berkeley? The first time you set foot on campus? The first time you met the stranger sharing your Unit 1 Double? The first time you hustled to find a seat for your lecture in Wheeler…only to find 400 others had the same idea?

The first year at Cal can be daunting—as alums, we’ve all been there, and some of us remember it all too well. That’s why we’re helping the newest members of our UC Berkeley family find their way at Cal! Alumni Chapters across the country are hosting Summer Welcome Parties for incoming Cal students in their areas. These alumni-organized gatherings are a great way for incoming students to meet with their local alumni chapters, learn about Cal traditions, and hear alumni stories. Get involved with a regional or cultural chapter, and share your experiences with students so they can start to see themselves in your shoes.

Find your local Summer Welcome Party below and RSVP to meet other incoming first-year and junior transfer students as well as local Cal alumni. Contact us at or 510.900.8240 with any questions.

See a list of all Summer Welcome Parties happening around the country.