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Two UC Berkeley students before the 52nd San Francisco Pride Celebration on Sunday, June 26, 2022. / Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small
Cal Culture

The Cal Community Celebrates Love

The Cal Alumni Association, in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center, celebrated at the 52nd annual San Francisco Pride Parade.


Leading through Sustainability: A Conversation with Jodi Russell ’96

An alum with a 22-year career “never settling for the status quo” shares how she helps solve everyday consumer problems to achieve a better and more sustainable future.


How to Rock a Funky Story: Glynn Washington at the Lair

Washington is a longtime Lair camper and the creator, executive producer, and host of Snap Judgement, a radio show and podcast that offers a raw, immersive, and musical take on storytelling.

Kelley L Cox / Cal Alumni Association

Stellar Explosion and Exoplanets: Alex Filippenko at the Lair

“Some stars literally explode in a titanic act of self-destruction at the end of their lives, becoming some million or billion times as powerful as the sun,” Filippenko explains. “Exploding stars are not just spectacular to look at, but they’re important for our very existence.”

Alum and child // Catharyn Hayne - KLC Fotos
Alumni Chapters

In Pandemic Year, Alumni Find Virtual Spirit

In a year marked by physical and often emotional isolation, the Cal alumni community found new ways to connect to each other and to the university. Robust virtual programs engaged more than 9,000 UC Berkeley alumni in activities that inspired our Cal spirit anew.


A Golden Bears Guide to the Summer Olympics

UC Berkeley’s impressive Olympic history began in 1920, when the U.S. rugby team, which included six Cal athletes, won the university’s first gold medal in Antwerp. Since then, more than 350 Cal alums have collected a remarkable 207 Olympic medals. In 2016 alone, Cal returned with 21 medals from Rio. This summer, the longstanding tradition of Golden Bears’ prowess in the international athletic arena continues. 


Becoming a Berkeley Changemaker™

UC Berkeley is introducing Cal alumni and student communities to the groundbreaking, interdisciplinary Berkeley Changemaker™ curriculum. Haas faculty member Diane Dwyer ’87 interviewed Rich Lyons, Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer at UC Berkeley, and current student Noah East ’22 to learn more about the exciting new Berkeley Changemaker program. What is the Berkeley Changemaker? Berkeley […]


An Evening of Connection at Striving to Thrive: The Resilience of the Sisterhood

Part of The Berkeley Network’s Alumnae Career Advancement Series, the event aimed to provide a space for Cal women to pursue professional development, discuss career advancement, and build meaningful relationships.

(left to right) Everett Hewlett; Michael Steckler '19; Kirk Tramble '93; Esperanza Vielma '91; Cloey Hewlett '76, J.D. '79; Stephen Isaacs '73; Zilose Lyons '09; Prince Obah '19; Gladys Moore; Kofi Bonner M.C.P. '86, M.Arch. '87 at Charter Gala. Image by Cloey Hewlett

Passing on the Gift of Transformation at the 2019 Berkeley Charter Gala

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) and the UC Berkeley Foundation honored the recipients of the 2019 Achievement Awards at the annual Berkeley Charter Gala on May 16, 2019. Hundreds of UC Berkeley community members came together to celebrate the achievements of accomplished alumni and the chartering of the university 151 years ago. Kevin Chou ’02, […]


Exploring Music’s Power to Change the World

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the UC Berkeley campus once again became the center of conversation about social movements. Led by singer/songwriter Noel “Paul” Stookey of the ’60s trio Peter, Paul, and Mary, Music Matters…or Does It? presented an evening of dialogue and performance to an audience of UC Berkeley alumni and friends. Stookey, along […]


‘Women Who Lead’ Offers Wisdom for Alumnae Advancement

"We talk a lot about 'I'm an ally, you're an ally. I'll say, 'Tell me about an action you took to be an ally.'"


UC Berkeley and CAA Celebrate the Volunteerism of Berkeley Community Members at the 2018 Volunteer Awards

On October 12, 2018, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) and UC Berkeley hosted the Volunteer Awards at Alumni House. Awardees are members of the UC Berkeley community who have made significant contributions to the Berkeley community through volunteer service. Adena Ishii ’14 and Nanxi Liu ’12 were both awarded the Sather Gate Young Volunteer Award […]