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Ryan Fiorito / Cal Alumni Association

No Shortage of Laughter

TAAP Scholar, camp staffer, and student leader Emily Nodal works hard to make Cal more inclusive.

Image courtesy of Ockemia Bean

Honoring Nontraditional Routes to Success

A mother, first-generation college student, and transfer student, Ockemia is on a nontraditional route to success that has been full of twists and turns.

African American Initiative (AAI) Scholars

Meet the 30 Incoming Recipients of the 2021–22 African American Initiative Scholarship

For the 2021–2022 academic year, 30 additional students will receive the AAI Scholarship. This year’s recipients come from all around the world, including 27 students from California.


A Pathway to Success

“Where are you from?” seems like such an innocuous question. It’s a question asked to get to know someone or just make small talk. But for undocumented individuals, it’s a heavy question that doesn’t always have an easy answer.


After a Year of Online Instruction, Raven Gatson Refocuses Her Goals

Raven Gatson has been living with her sorority sisters near the UC Berkeley campus since January 2021. It’s the first time she’s been on campus. The buildings are still closed, but she’s able to walk around and imagine a bustling Sproul Plaza at noon. At last, after years of planning for college, she was at the school for her.


‘Not Easy, Not Impossible’ Path to Careers for Undocumented Students

“Things are not always going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean that they’re impossible,” says Uriel Rivera ’15. His workshop series examines the stigmas undocumented students face, helping them demystify life after graduation.

Giving Back

“Pursue Your Dreams Fearlessly”: An Entrepreneur’s Wisdom for Graduating Scholars

Ten years ago, I was exactly where you are right now: graduating with big dreams and aspirations ahead.


Yuner Evelyn Lu ’21 Urges Class of 2021 to Realize Its Power

I’m a senior studying electrical engineering and computer science at Cal, and I am honored to share my UC Berkeley journey with you.


What Pedro De Anda Plascencia ’21 Wants His Fifth-Grade Self to Know

Dear Fifth-Grade Pedro: I want to begin by telling you that I love you. You are valid, and you are worthy of love and protection.


Students Learn Techniques to Build Generational Wealth

Many students graduate from college with limited experience with financial planning. As they start full-time professional positions, new grads are not only making the transition from school to work; they also have to learn quickly about budgeting, saving, student loan payments, and taking advantage of 401(k)/403(b) matching and other retirement benefits.


Overcoming Challenges on the Road to Cal

A day in the lives of Alumni Scholars Daniel Muñoz and Anara Myrzabekova.


‘Your Network Is Your Net Worth’: Connecting the Next Generation of Leaders

Jacob Neel ’20, who started his first job during the coronavirus pandemic, shared that at Cal, he learned how to “normalize rejection as redirection.” Austin Drake ’18 reminded everyone that “you have to have the audacity to ask.”