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Students chat on Doe Library steps, with Asian Library in background

The CAA Fund Society

The CAA Fund Society recognizes and thanks annual donors whose generous leadership gifts underscore a reverence for the past and a commitment to the future of UC Berkeley.

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)
• Invitation to an exclusive annual reception

• Special name recognition on donor wall at Alumni House

• Priority online registration for select CAA events

• Membership in The Charter Hill Society: Berkeley’s Annual Giving Recognition Program†

• Advance notice of CAA’s Achievement Award recipients, including Alumnus/a of the Year

• Special name recognition on CAA website and in philanthropy newsletter
Oxford Society ($2,500+)
All Bancroft Society benefits, plus:

Special name recognition in California magazine
Gayley Society ($5,000+)
All Oxford Society benefits, plus:

• One complimentary campus single-day parking pass**
Hearst Society ($10,000+)
All Gayley Society benefits, plus:

• Private annual event with alumni leaders

CAA’s giving benefits do not have a significant fair market value. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If a gift is made through charitable organizations or funds such as private foundations, donor advised funds, charitable trusts, IRA rollovers, etc., the organization or fund may need to decline benefits, especially if the benefits are more than incidental. Donors should consult their tax advisors to clarify all applicable tax rules.

Gifts count toward donor’s total lifetime giving to Cal. Gifts are also applied to The Campaign for the Cal Alumni Association and The Campaign for Berkeley.

*Included are your outright gifts, plus corporate matching gifts collected and applied to your giving record, as well as pledge payments made during the fiscal year (January 1–December 31).

**CAA is not responsible for lost or damaged parking passes. Passes will not be replaced. CAA is not responsible for and does not guarantee parking availability.

†The Charter Hill Society is a group of alumni, parents, and friends who share a lasting affinity for the University of California, Berkeley and an extraordinary commitment to preserving and enhancing its excellence in education, research, and public service. Learn more about the Charter Hill Society.

The CAA Fund Society

Create a Lasting Connection to Cal

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who contributed $1,000 or more to The CAA Fund between January 1 and December 31, 2020. The CAA Fund Society is a group of alumni and friends who create a lasting connection to Cal through their philanthropic leadership and commitment to our alumni association. An annual contribution of $1,000 or more establishes membership in The CAA Fund Society.

Hearst Society ($10,000+)

Camp Saint Andrews
Patricia A. Graffis ’53
Natan Minc and Laurie Minc
Gordon E. Moore ’50 and Betty Moore
Julie Shin Morgan ’89 and Bradley P. Morgan Ph.D. ’91
Bradford Oelman, Kathryn Oelman Meagher ’67, and Sarah K. Meagher ’01
Georgieanna Scheuerman Ph.D. ’80 and Richard Scheuerman

Gayley Society ($5,000+)

Vicky Y. Cao ’95 and Alex X. Huang ’94
Bill Connelly and Jennifer L. Connelly ’92
Stephen L. Eastwood ’71 and Dorne Eastwood
David E. Kepler II ’75 and Patricia A. Kepler
Mary P. Komoto ’78 and Brian K. Komoto
Eric R. Mart ’70 and Janice N. Mart
Ronald D. Morrison ’68
John B. Ryan M.B.A. ’68 and Daniela Tossi Ryan
Jon M. Walford ’63 and Pamela M. Walford

Oxford Society ($2,500+)

Tara L. Bunch ’85 and Eleanor Mercado
Candace C. Callan ’02
Gay Callan ’70
Marc A. Carrasco ’93 and Linda M. Assante Carrasco
Dean J. Chu ’78 and Wilma K. Chu
Patricia A. Dwyer ’78
Barbara M. Ferrigno ’62
Mildred Y. Gardner and Frank F. Gardner
Brian Tom Godsey ’85 and Jill Darcangelo Godsey ’90, M.B.A. ’96
Amy O’Connor Goodman ’94 and Michael Goodman
Richard J. Hartje ’65
Melvin B. Heyman ’72 and Jody E. Heyman
Joy A. Kovaleski ’77
K. Mark Lee ’77 and Monika P. Lee
Leonard E. Look ’83 and Laurie A. Look
Lynne Koll Martin ’78 and Tevis Martin ’78
Howard A. McDaniel ’65
Constance Murray M.L.S. ’72
Paul S. Nagata ’79 and Susan S. Nagata
Jocelyn C. Quintana ’78 and Alexander T. Quintana ’77
Joseph J. Shen ’91 and Serena Y. Shen
Alison F. Shimada ’85 and Chong Jin Lee
Gary R. Slavit ’78 and Evelyn Margolin
Thomas Thomson ’67
R. Thornton ’90
Art B. Wong ’63 and Janet Lewis Wong ’70

Bancroft Society ($1,000+)

Nancy White Adams ’82 and Abraham Adams
Steven Algert and Cameron Brown
Zaheer A. Ali ’05 and Sabrina Z. Ali ’14
Joan Ames and William G. Ames
Carl W. Anderson ’57, J.D. ’62
Judith A. Binsacca ’63
Cynthia E. Bogolub ’80 and David J. Bogolub
Barbara Hoop Bradley
Morris A. Budak ’70 and Renee Levie Budak ’72
Gerald J. Burke ’65, M.S. ’68
Anne E. Chambers ’75, M.B.A. ’79 and Edward B. McAlpine
Suzanne S. Chu ’86 and Tuan Lam
Karen Leong Clancy ’76 and Dallan P. Clancy ’76, M.S. ’77, M.Eng. ’78
Sarah M. Corr ’94
David L. Critchfield ’74, M.B.A. ’82 and Catherine L. Critchfield
Walter C. Davie ’54 and Edith Davie
Diane Dwyer ’87 and Timothy Sharp
Andrea P. Eichhorn ’80
Cathy Christian Farnsworth ’72 and Robert W. Farnsworth
Paul J. Fasana ’59, M.L.S. ’60
Jeffrey S. Feiffer C.Esing ’69
John R. Feliton III ’97 and Christina Feliton
Harry P. Filer ’67 and Anne F. Burke-Filer
Dean L. Flint J.D. ’70
Sylvia L. Fong ’78
Laura S. Friedrich ’93
Loretta Gander ’56, ’57
Fernando Garcia ’84, ’86
Mary Ann Grilli ’68 and John F. Grilli ’68
Victoria Franson Hagbom ’72 and Bill Hagbom
Fusako Hara ’68
Betsy Hausman and Joel M. Hausman ’80
Rolf Hermanrud ’63, M.S. ’65 and Reidun Hermanrud
Clothilde V. Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79 and Everett A. Hewlett Jr.
Judy L. Hoff and Jonathan M. Hoff ’78
Robert E. Izmirian ’68, ’72 and Suzanne M. Smith
Daniel H. Jones ’87 and Pamela W. Jones
Kenneth E. Jorgensen ’60 and Susan E. Jorgensen
Paul L. Knight ’71 and Gayley F. Knight
Lawrence M. Kopeikin J.D. ’80, and Stacia R. Kopeikin
Silvanus S. Lau ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’69 and Kwai L. Lau ’66
Dionicia Ramos Ledesma ’01 and Julian Ledesma ’97
Siu-Chun Lee ’77, M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’81 and Lily Chan Lee ’77
Thomas C. Lee ’00
Richard T. Lira ’67 and M. Gretchen Taylor
Lawrence K. Lo ’71
Alvin J. Lobo ’03 and Deborah Lobo
James T. Louie-Der ’93
Charles N. Ludvik M.S. ’75 and Anne Lord Ludvik ’75, M.L.S. ’77
Catherine A. Lutge ’77
Lisa Mundel Maas ’85 and Brian W. Maas ’83
Barbara A. McCann ’74
Richard J. McLean ’55, M.A. ’62
Nancy E. McLeod and Robert B. McLeod ’65
Alan C. Mendelson ’69 and Agnès B. Mendelson
Steven J. Merlo ’73 and Lynn D. Merlo
Kevin K. Mok and Winnie W. Mok
Charles V. Morton ’63, M.Crim. ’71
Richard R. Nye ’66 and Susan A. Brown
Myles M. O’Dwyer ’74 and Laurie O’Dwyer
Kirk A. Pessner ’77 and Russell H. Miller ’74
Elizabeth A. Karr-Pola ’92 and Michael J. Pola
Ngoc M. Pham ’77
John H. Raphael ’78
Roger S. Rasmussen ’83 and Jayne M. Rasmussen
Garth Reucassel and Lara E. Azria-Reucassel ’98
Christopher A. Rhoades ’88 and Karee Rhoades
Marsha Caulfield Rianda ’68 and Bruce E. Rianda
Marsha D. Roberts ’90
Elizabeth J. Rice ’86 and Thomas Botts
Tobey H. Roland ’81
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Laith Salma
Louise Adler Sampson
Karun S. Samran ’16
William A. Sellier ’71, M.A. ’76
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Doreen Sinha ’00 and Ravi Sinha ’97
James A. Slutman ’82
Geoffrey B. Sorrick ’97
Anthony N. St John ’63 and Shirley G. St John ’63
Karen M. Street M.S. ’82
Tomiye Nimura Sumner M.S. ’68
Sara R. Teasdale ’04
Tracy P. Tram ’89 and An Nguyen
Lilian Chi Tsai ’00
Stephen C. Vance and Margaret Schlatter
Mark C. Walters ’81 and Christine Walters
Keith R. Westcott ’74
Craig A. Wolfe
Eddie P. Wong Jr. ’89
Michael B. Wood ’63 and Joanne Y. Wood
Stacy L. Yee ’83
Yu-Shuan Yeh M.S. ’65, Ph.D. ’66 and Lucia C. Yeh
Evie and Bernie Zeruhn

Please contact us with any corrections.