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Class Notes: 1967

Class of 1967
Fortune's Son book

Daily Cal alum Hannah Shearer has a new action-adventure novel, Fortune’s Son, that was just released on Amazon. It’s about a detective whose world is turned upside down when his 9-year-old son – who had visions of bad things happening to him – is kidnapped. This is Shearer’s first book, and she’s already working on her second novel. Before this she was a TV writer, penning five episodes whilst on the staff of Star Trek: The Next Generation and an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She was also a writer and producer for Emergency! and Knight Rider. She also wrote for Cagney and Lacey and several daytime dramas, including General Hospital; Port Charles; Days of Our Lives; and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Class of 1967

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has contacted me with support for me and my 34-year-old son, who is teaching in Ukraine.

Tom Degenhardt reports he was looking forward to a mini-reunion with classmates Dave Perry, John Lewis, Skip Bushee, and Rusty Ertle at Sam’s in San Francisco on April 19.

From Don George: “Oh, boy, I’m sure with you when it comes to worrying about those poor people in Ukraine. And to have your son there has got to be agonizing for you. Words do not describe the disgust the whole world has for Putin, nor is there a fate or punishment for him that could begin to match the cruelty and mayhem he has wrought. Let’s hope there’s an early end to this war and that your son is safe and remains so. I’m afraid there’s precious little news from the George family. We are still ‘sheltering in place’ in Lahontan, which, as I tell Jeanne, we’ve been doing for 20 years!”

From Alceste Pappas: “So distraught about what is happening in Ukraine and will say an extra prayer for him. Syl and I have been to Ukraine and cannot imagine what it is like now.”

Dennis Seguine reports, “I’m still working full-time, 53 years (11 jobs) in a long engineering career, and I’m not done yet. My office is nominally near Seattle, but I work from home in Kalispell, Montana.”

Martin “Mike” J. Pasqualetti has published The Thread of Energy (Oxford University Press), in which he examines how energy weaves itself throughout every aspect of our lives. It carries on the energy work he started at UC Riverside, where he worked to resolve the land-use conflicts of developing geothermal energy within the valuable agricultural oasis of the Imperial Valley. He is currently a professor of geography at Arizona State University. Until next time, stay safe, and Go Bears! 

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