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Class Notes: 1994

Class of 1994
In Pursuit of Health Equity book cover

Eric Carter recently published his second book, “In Pursuit of Health Equity: A History of Latin American Social Medicine,” with the University of North Carolina Press. Since 2012, he has been teaching at Macalester College in Minnesota, where he is the Edens Professor of Geography and Global Health. Eric lives in Saint Paul with his wife and two daughters.

“I’m truly fortunate to have attended one of the world’s best public universities, and I learned so much from my professors in the History department, like Paula Fass, James Gregory, Waldo Martin, and Tulio Halperin Donghi, back in the early 1990s. Their example continues to influence my research and teaching to this day.”

Class of 1994
Sensored Souls book cover

Jennifer L. Hanson (B.S., Mass Communications, 1994) is pleased to announce her book “Sensored Souls,” published in October 2021, has been optioned for a feature film by production company No Sunrise Wasted, headed by Devin Fei-Fan Tau (B.S., Business Administration, 1997). 

Class of 1994

Dr. John Saroyan has been appointed as the executive director of the Vermont Blueprint for Health’s Patient Centered Medical Homes, a health care reform initiative promoting the integration of high-quality primary care with human services that impact health and well-being. 

Class Secretary: Elizabeth (Zamora) Villegas,