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Celebrating 85 years

Since 1934, The Leadership Award has recognized and supported Cal student leaders with merit-based scholarships. Leadership Award Scholars are acknowledged for their outstanding, innovative, and motivational leadership in their academic, work, and community environments. They are involved in student government, outreach and mentorship programs, scholastic clubs and spirit groups. They rally others to become involved in the issues of the day – political, environmental, health, housing and more.

Leadership Award Scholars receive one-year scholarships in the amount of $2,000. Approximately 750 new and continuing students receive The Leadership Award each academic year. With more than 15,000 alumni scholars since its inception, The Leadership Award is the largest non-academic merit scholarship on campus.

Your gift to The Leadership Award directly supports the leaders of tomorrow by giving them access to UC Berkeley — the crown jewel of public education. Your contribution today ensures both an affordable and exceptional educational opportunity for the Leadership Award Scholars.

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