January February 2008

Ideas on the Verge Features

25 Brilliant California Ideas

From smart dust to game-based learning, from cancer-eating germs to remote medical diagnoses, from chameleon-like clothing to paint that powers our automobiles, we peer over the leading edge of ideas to glimpse what might be in store within the next five years. Read more »


Is science really the path to truth and progress? Thomas Kuhn argued that most scientists are conformist and conservative “company men”—a view as hotly debated today as when he wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolutions over 45 years ago. By Keay Davidson Read more »

Plus Applied Kuhn: The Berkeley/BP Project


Picking Up a Stink

By Kelly Nuxoll Read more »

SpongeBob SmartyPants

By Kiki Namikas Read more »

Fleeing Low Self-Esteem

By Kiki Namikas Read more »

Rhymes with Tag

By Molly Berman Read more »

Raise Me, Boss

How and when to talk money. By Talia Kennedy, M.J. ’09 Read more »

Last Frog Standing

By Erik Vance Read more »

If You Like It, I Want It

By Eleanor Black Watkin Read more »


Black Venus and her Rainbow Tribe

Jazz diva Josephine Baker’s French château sparkles anew. By Heather Roberson Read more »

Sather Gate

Alumnus of the Year: Hon. Thelton Henderson

From civil rights in the South to the federal branch, Judge Henderson has stood his ground. By Troy Duster and Thelton Henderson Read more »

From a Generation that Keeps on Giving

The late Flora Hewlett reconnects to Cal 73 years after she graduated. By Michael S. Malone Read more »