July August 2006

Indo-Chic Features

City Jazz

Landscape architect Walter Hood improvises cityscapes for rich and poor alike. By Dashka Slater Read more »

Passage from India

From Bollywood to business, South Asia has arrived. By Sandip Roy Read more »

The Arguing Indian

India’s Nobel economist Amartya Sen contends that neither democracy nor materialism “belongs to” the West. Interview by Pranab Bardhan Read more »

Red Hot China

Cruising through the post-Tiananmen sexual revolution: an interview with Annie Wong. By Pueng Vongs Read more »

California: Dream Deferred

Peter Schrag recounts self-inflicted wounds that have contributed to the decline of California’s public schools and services. By Peter Schrag Read more »


The Deaths and Lives of The Peony Pavilion

The 16th-century Romeo and Juliet of China is passionately revived in a new performance at Zellerbach. By Andrew Lam Read more »

Free Speech

Rethinking Diversity

History Professor David Hollinger on why restoring affirmative action won’t solve the University’s diversity problem. By David Hollinger Read more »