CAA Brand Identity: Logo

I. Logo Presentation and Variations
II. Use of Logo
III. Department and Program Logos

The preferred presentation of the Cal Alumni Association logo is two-color, using Berkeley Blue and California Gold, on a white background. If the design warrants, the logo may be reproduced on a screen of Berkeley Blue or California Gold. The tint should range between 5% and 20%.

Preferred Logo Variations

One-Color Logo

The logo can be reproduced in one color, in either Berkeley Blue, Black, or Metallic Gold.

Reverse-Color Logo

The one-color Berkeley Blue or black logo may be reversed and used on a Berkeley Blue or black background.

Restricted Logo Variations

The following logo variations are only used in select, specific cases. Marketing & Communications can determine the instances in which use of these is appropriate.

Two-Color Short Logo

One-Color Logo

Reverse-Color Logo

Text-Only Logo

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Use of Logo

The logo must be rendered with the Campanile at least 3/4” tall.

No element should encroach on the logo. Clear space below and to the left and right of the logo should be the height of capital letter “N.” Clear space above the logo’s letters should be four “N” high.

Setting and Placement
The CAA logo must be on a gradient or solid-color background, preferably white. Neither patterns nor images can be used as a background for the logo.

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Department and Program Logos

CAA Tagline
When used, CAA’s tagline must be used in conjunction with CAA’s logo. Two-color version is Berkeley Blue and California Gold. One-color versions must be in either Berkeley Blue, black, or white.

Logo is one-color, in either Magazine Purple, Medalist, black, or white.

Cal Discoveries Travel*
Logo is in one-color, in either Berkeley Blue, California Gold, black, or white.

Lair of the Golden Bear*
Two-color versions are Berkeley Blue and California Gold, or South Hall and California Gold. One-color versions must be in either Berkeley Blue, South Hall, or Black.

Pinecrest Chalet* (temporary type treatment)
Two-color versions are Berkeley Blue on California Gold or California Gold on Berkeley Blue. Alternate two-color logo is South Hall on Sather Gate.

Program Logos

Logos must go through CAA Marketing & Communications and are subject to approval by the UC Berkeley Office of Marketing and Branding. Examples of logos include, but are not limited to:

  • Cal Alumni Student Association (CASA)
  • The Berkeley Network Corporate Alumni Committees
  • Alumni Chapters

*These logos must be accompanied by “A Program of the Cal Alumni Association (CAA).” Copy should be placed under the logo.

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