150 Years of Women at UC Berkeley

A sesquicentennial timeline of Cal’s female pioneers
By Editorial Staff

What a journey it has been. This year marks 150 years since women were first admitted to Berkeley. To see just how far we’ve come, the California editorial team designed a timeline of women’s contributions to the university and the world. Today’s students stand on the shoulders of the late 19th century trailblazers studying engineering and agriculture in rooms dominated by men, and every pioneering scientist, artist, and politician who followed. While it certainly wasn’t smooth sailing along the way, there’s a lot to celebrate.

From the Fall 2020 issue of California.
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Image source: MORGAN: Julia Morgan Papers, Robert E. Kennedy Library; GEE: The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley; DIDION, COUGHLIN, DOUDNA, NAPOLITANO, HARVEY: Associated Press
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A beautifully constructed timeline!
Awesome issue Cal Editorial Staff, I now realize that if anyone is going to save our civilization and planet from out of control pandemics, global warming calamities, violence and inequalities we are experiencing today, Berkeley women are truly our last resort. Thank you.
This is a wonderful timeline. Regarding the Asian American Political Alliance, Emma Gee’s partner’s name is Yuji Ichioka, an incredible historian in his own right. Please spell his name right.
Thank you for catching the error. We will fix!
I enjoyed your Fall 2020 California article titled “150 YEARS OF WOMEN AT CAL”, especially the brief writeup about the famous Julia Morgan. My 2008 copy of “BERKELEY ENGINEERING ALUMNI DIRECTORY” indicates that Julia Morgan received her B.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 1894, not a B.A. degree as indicated on page 9. It appears Julia Morgan was the first woman in the U.S. to receive a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Also, the 150 YEARS article should have mentioned Elizabeth Bragg, who received her B.S. degree in Engineering in 1876 (according to that same directory). It appears she was the very first woman in the U.S. to receive a B.S. degree in any engineering discipline, which I have mentioned to numerous engineering colleagues.
This caption about ROSA L. SCRIVNER as the first woman to graduate from Berkeley in 1874. I may have my own bias myself even though I am a woman myself, because I was thinking why did she took agriculture. For me this just show that Berkeley women have been special from the very beginning.
This is incredible. Great work. But where is the mention of Cora Jane Flood, who donated the funds in 1898 to found the College of Commerce, now known as the Berkeley Haas School of Business.
I didn’t see Janet Yellen.
Ariel and Will Durant concluded in their epic “The Story of Civilization” that if the politicians and/or academics/intellectuals can’t save our civilization, no one can. Current events are proving the hard way that academics must take their communications with the public to a much higher level if we are going to overcome present and prevent future threats to the survival of our civilization. This issue of CALIFORNIA proves beyond all doubt that our best leadership choice is women, to protect and perpetuate an acceptable lifestyle for our newest and all future generations. Today, we are most fortunate to have our first female academic leader at Berkeley at last, Chancellor Carol Christ. Now we can permanently eliminate male domination such as that documented in “Swift Justice: The Historic Fight for Gender Equality at Berkeley Law.” Most importantly it is time for our new academic leadership to find a new way to communicate with the public today, since current male produced methods have failed catastrophically with most destructive consequences such as out of control global warming, pandemic, violence and inequalities. With a female academic leadership establishment we can inform, educate and motivate the public to protect and perpetuate an acceptable quality of life for our newest and all future generations at last, before time runs out due to global warming.
Again, I want to Thank the Editors of CALMAG for this issue, one of the most important ever published since I graduated in 1963 during the days of the Free Speech Movement, a culture I have never forgotten. Next week the Winter issue will be delivered and we will have something new to think about, but I hope this issue stays in the forefront of discussion to make sure we still Fight Like Hell For Equal Rights. One of the most depressing Berkeley Blog posts that require us to continue to fight on harder than ever is the 2016 post “Berkeley’s handling of sexual harassment is a disgrace” https://blogs.berkeley.edu/2016/03/10/berkeleys-handling-of-sexual-haras... Our civilization cannot possibly survive if we don’t overcome this academic failure because current events prove daily that time is running out faster than ever before: https://alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/september-october-2006-g...
Such an impressive timeline! Thanks everyone at UC Berkeley!
I sent my photo for the 150W collage and would like a copy please and thank you, what a great presentation!! Tina McClain