November December 2006

Life After Bush Features

International: Losing Minds

The next president must ask two fundamental questions: “Why are we losing on the battleground of ideas?” and “What can we do about it?” By Steven Weber and Michael Zielenziger Read more »

Domestic: Unfinished Business

A new president must restore civility before government can govern. By Carl M. Cannon Read more »

The Law: John Yoo’s War

Law professor John Yoo is an unabashed advocate for supreme executive authority—including the power to torture and detain military prisoners without charges. Does he have a point? By Quentin Hardy Read more »

Stalking a Killer

Jay Keasling’s synthetic-biology team, with help from Bill Gates, is closing in on a low-cost cure for malaria. By Elizabeth Corcoran Read more »

A Letter to my Young Self

Thirty years after fleeing Vietnam, the author happens upon old family letters and tries to recognize the childhood innocence he left behind. By Andrew Lam Read more »


From Brain Cells to Bombs

By Carrie Ching Read more »

Interspecies Love

By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

Slime Power

By Julie Rehmeyer Read more »

Lab & Field Notes

Read more »

The “Cold Shower” Hormone

By Erik Vance Read more »

Searching for Stardust

By Amy Goldwitz Read more »

Glad you Asked

Read more »


Waiting for Godot

A Beckett favorite is as fresh as the next hour. By Patrick Dillon Read more »


The Back Roads of Burma

By Anna Delano Read more »

Free Speech

Want Fewer Teen Pregnancies?

Then abolish sex education in schools and help parents become better sex educators. By Michael Castleman Read more »

Sather Gate

Political Scientist

Berkeley chancellor and physicist Robert Birgeneau on his priorities for new research and why he’s creating a vice-chancellor position for “equity and inclusion.” Interview by Kerry Tremain Read more »

Risk, Grit, and an Undercover Lens

Interview by Amy Goldwitz Read more »

Berkeley Moment

From the Lair to the Comedy Circuit

Failure can be inspirational. By Maz Jobrani Read more »