November December 2008

Stars of Berkeley Features

Deus Ex Machina

Walter Wagner says the Large Hadron Collider could destroy the world. Physicists say fat chance. But is even that a chance we want to take? By Pat Joseph Read more »

From Particles to Dust

Berkeley’s Bevatron, the world’s first supercollider, is headed for the scrap heap. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

The Cosmos Beat

Veteran science reporter David Perlman, the man who brought the Universe to the morning paper. By Eric Vance Read more »

The Stars Her Destination

A business major’s epiphany leads her to become a NASA scientist. By Roberta Kwok Read more »

Blown Apart

The discovery is Nobel-worthy — the universe is expanding faster and faster, driven by a mysterious force called dark energy. But who deserves the credit? By Keay Davidson Read more »

Life on Mars?

A Berkeley chemist’s long-ago prediction turns out to be accurate, but for the wrong reasons. By Keay Davidson Read more »

Lucky Star

Thanks to serendipity, Maryam Modjaz got a ringside seat at one of the universe’s biggest events. By Timothy Lesle Read more »

Back to Nature

The latest inventions are inspired by the world around us. By Vicki Haddock Read more »

Prospecting for Education

America’s academic towers were never all that ivory, but how much private funding should the nation’s top public university have to rely on? By Reyhan Harmanci Read more »

Access and Excellence at Berkeley

Since July 1, 2006, I’ve had the best job in academia: executive vice chancellor and provost at the University of California, Berkeley. By George W. Breslauer Read more »


Count Down

Though not plagued by hanging chads, electronic voting systems have their own problems. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Hear Today Gone Tomorrow

It’s that all-important third date, the one where she’s ready to tell you everything, even that embarrassing story about her ex. By Stacy Finz Read more »

Hearing Aids

The ear has a range that no other sense can match, whether biological or electrically engineered. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Please Don’t Say ‘Don’t’

If you’ve ever participated in a brainstorming session, you were probably told that you shouldn’t criticize other people’s ideas. By Anne Pinckard Read more »


A Winning Relationship

Jake Heggie and Frederica von Stade discuss their musical and personal collaboration. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Blame it on Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento first heard João Gilberto’s 1958 recording of “Chega De Saudade” (known in English as the jazz standard “No More Blues”) as a stargazing teenager in Três Pontas, Brazil. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Yes He Can!

Merce Cuningham will stage a new dance for an old Ford plant. By Katherine Luce Read more »


A Time Saved in Place

Off the coast of Georgia, Sapelo Island cradles the remnants of African populations. By William Poy Lee Read more »

Sather Gate

Brussels or Bust

This is a story of Sputnik, Tivoli Gardens, Richard Nixon, and the famous 1950s TV game show, Truth or Consequences. Read more »

Getting at the ‘Why?’

David Simon laments the fate of newspaper journalism. By Pat Joseph Read more »