Summer 2013

A New Deal Features

Administering Change

The career of incoming Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has led him out of the classroom in order to influence what happens within it. By Sean Elder Read more »

Outsourcing the Middle Kingdom

As China expands into global markets, inevitable culture clashes occur. By Glen Martin Read more »

Work in Progress

Joe Blum brings a passion for labor to his distinctive photographs. By Frank Browning Read more »

Plus: Troubled Bridge

Lab + Field

Stormy Weather

If the past is any indication, we may be in for some rough weather. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Greening the Commute

A new app makes commuters more aware of their environmental impact. By Justin Seiter Read more »

Cleaning Up Contaminated Waters

Constructed wetlands could help save the Salton Sea. By Danielle Lim Read more »

Bittersweet Conclusion

New evidence says sugar is causing diabetes worldwide. By Rachel Gross Read more »

Arts + Letters

The Heart of Everything

For 40 years, C.K. Ladzekpo has taught Berkeley that music and dance are one. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

The Play

Keeping the Lights On

Cal baseball’s future is brighter but still punctuated with a question mark. By Laith Agha Read more »

Sather Gate

The Surprising Mr. Smith

As superintendent, he tackled one of the state’s toughest school systems. Now he’s ready for a new challenge. By Vicki Haddock Read more »

The Fold-Up Boat

Anton Willis reinvents the kayak for urban dwellers. By Pat Joseph Read more »

5 Questions for:

David Card—Berkeley economics professor, Director of the Labor Studies Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Read more »

Out of the Gate

The Harvard Humblebrag. By David Tuller, MPH ’06 Read more »