Summer 2014 Apocalypse

This Is the End


Doomsday 1: An Asteroid Wiped Out Dinosaurs. Are We Next?

At some point, an asteroid measured better in miles than feet will come for us all. By Chris A. Smith
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Doomsday 2: No One Knows When, But the Next Plague Is Coming

The emergence of pathogens capable of killing millions, if not billions, is inevitable. By Glen Martin
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Doomsday 3: California May Oscillate Between Droughts and Deluges

California’s climate, long known for its mild disposition, is poised to become a major bad actor. By Erica Gies
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Doomsday 4: Massive Quake Could Be Only Beginning of Bay Area Woes

A Magnitude 7 on the Hayward Fault would also trigger economic and social upheaval for years. By Timothy Lesle
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Apocalypse Later: The End is Always Near—Here’s Hoping It Stays There

The Doomsday Clock now reads five minutes to midnight. In other words, not yet. By Brendan Buhler
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Endangered California

California is the most biodiverse state in the nation—but some of its natives are fighting extinction, and others already have vanished. By-the-Numbers Graphic
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Lab + Field

Blister on the Sun

A near-miss draws speculation on the effects of a large solar storm.
By Zach St. George
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Yes, It’s Rocket Science

Berkeley scientists launch a rocket into the northern lights to study a complex atomic phenomenon. By Alex Helmintoller
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Eyesight to the Blind

Berkeley neuroscientists engineer molecule that causes blind mice to react to light. By Robert Nizza
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Whooping Cough Back With a Vengeance

A Q&A with Berkeley’s head epidemiologist about immunization—and the return of pertussis.
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Arts + Letters

Enter Gotanda

A ground-breaking playwright becomes a ground-breaking professor as well.
By Heidi Benson
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Taste Test

‘Greener’ Plants

Researchers aim to curb a little-known energy glutton: food processing.
By Stacy Finz
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Sather Gate

Game of Allophones

With an obscure hobby, Cal alum creates languages for fantasies such as HBO’s Game of Thrones. By Shelby Pope
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Out of the Gate

Hitting the Big Leagues

Whatever the field, my daughter now knows she can play with the big boys.
By Bernard Ohanian
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Alumni Gazette

Radicals Revisited

Eyewitnesses to Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement ready to mark its 50th anniversary. By Martin Snapp
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