Summer 2019

Going Deep




How to watch baseball like a philosopher
By Coby McDonald
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Contested Territory

As People’s Park turns 50, development looms.
By Emma Silvers
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Something in the Soil

Valley fever is on the rise as researchers search for a vaccine.
By Lexi Pandell
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Now This: Boba

Boba everywhere
By Luke Tsai
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Pool Daze

Cal’s swimming pools beckon.
By Dianna Bautista
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Big Picture

Popping up poppies
By Editorial Staff
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The Gate


Game Changer

Introducing Kevin Chou, Cal’s 2019 Alumnus of the Year.
By Zak Jason
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Drawing up Resistance

Q&A with Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Darrin Bell
By Glen Martin
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Oral History

Yoshi’s spirit
By Yoshie Akiba, as told to Chinwe Oniah
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Chancellor’s Letter

Anxiety and admissions
By Carol T. Christ
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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Editor’s Note

I’ve always loved everything about baseball. Everything except playing it.
By Pat Joseph
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