Anthropologist Grover Krantz had a larger than life obsession with finding Bigfoot.
This week’s highlights include the World Cup kickoff in Russia, Trump’s radical military solution, SF’s first African-American mayor, and a three-part secession solution for California.
In light of recent eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala, Cal professor Michael Manga talks about the potential upswing of volcanic activity, and what to expect going forward.
After a remarkably productive nine years, the Cal Performances executive and artistic director has been tapped to lead the Philadelphia Orchestra.
Dr. Mark Goodwin gives us an inside look at the UC Paleontology Museum’s extensive bone and fossil collection housed in the Campanile.
Alicia McCarthy is a central figure in the Mission School of art, but is always quick to credit collaborators, friends, and even curators.
Before facing final exams, students de-stress at this llama-centric festival.
“We woke up one day, and food was suddenly an art form. It became a vehicle for creative expression, and so much of that change started right here.”
Kiwi, a company that brings food delivery robots to Berkeley, is pioneering human-robot relations.
We ask the experts if Trump’s actions could change the essential nature of American polity.
Berkeley and Arizona State University scientists say that areas like Treasure Island face an acute threat from rising sea levels.
A conversation with Harvard political scientist and co-author of the much-lauded new book “How Democracies Die.”