Fall 2011

The Good Fight Features

Shot from a Distant War

A Hemingway photo captures a single, fragile victory. By Robert Roper Read more »

The Teeming Metropolis of You

Every day, a host of bacteria are at war within you. By Brendan Buhler Read more »

The Ecology of Conflict

Can nature thrive in a war zone? By Glen Martin Read more »

The Eunuch Admiral

A Ming cup leads to a Berkeley scholar and the marvelous tale of China’s greatest seafarer. By Frank Viviano Read more »

PR Occupied Berkeley

The Israeli/Palestine conflict plays out on campus as a war for public perception. By Chris Smith Read more »

Lab + Field

Hot Topic

A Berkeley physicist takes the temperature of climate change. By Timothy Lesle Read more »

Beauty and the Pest

New research supports old-fashioned pest management. By Rachel Gross Read more »

Automatic Writing

The artificial intelligence behind Wikipedia. By Jyoti Madhusoodanan Read more »

Arts + Letters

What Wiseman Knew

Frederick Wiseman, at work on a new film about higher ed set in Berkeley, embraces complexity to capture the way we live. By Liza Gross Read more »

Far Flung

Trading Luxor for Revolution

A Cal Discoveries tour to Egypt missed some historical sights, but witnessed history in the making. By Eric Simons Read more »

Taste Test

Justice—and Good Grub—For All

Berkeley alumni envision a new food system for Oakland. By Sarah Henry Read more »

The Play

The Free Agent

For years, Joe Kapp fought the NFL. Now he’s tackling his memoirs. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Sather Gate

Novel Approach

The post-political career of a White House spin doctor. By Carol Pogash Read more »

Out of the Gate

My First Job

In 1978 I was a sixties dropout, trying to crawl back into The System at Berkeley ten years later. By Andrew Moss, Ph.D. ’79 Read more »