Fall 2013

Berkeley Goes to the Movies Features

Lights, Camera, Economics!

Robert Reich brings his message to the big screen. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Uncertain Prospects

A documentary filmmaker goes in search of a story. By Jesse Moss Read more »

Movie Romance

The history of the Pacific Film Archive is a love story with film. By Steven Jenkins Read more »

The Man Behind the Movies

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Interview James Schamus. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Lab + Field

Behind the Curtain

A Berkeley neurobiologist looks at the science behind film. By Glen Martin Read more »

For Better or for Worse

A Berkeley biologist investigates why mantis shrimp stick together. By Danielle Lim Read more »

Search Light

Researchers create a gel that moves in response to light. By Glen Martin Read more »

The Play

The Right Fit

Sonny Dykes is ready to run a football program, not just an offense. By Eric Simons Read more »

Taste Test

Scores of Spores

The Bay Area is fruitful hunting ground for mushrooms. By Alison Owings Read more »

Sather Gate

Finding Her Tribe

A producer pursues her vision of a feminist TV show. By Vicki Haddock Read more »

5 Questions for

Eileen Jones—Visiting assistant professor, Berkeley Department of Film and Media. Read more »

Pinot Noir Crush

An alumna pursues her passion in the vineyard. By Lexi Pandell Read more »