Fall 2014 Radicals



Rhetoric and Reality: Why Savio, Kerr and Reagan Were All “Radicals”

Each was bent on changing the world—and 50 years ago, their visions clashed in Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement.
By Seth Rosenfeld
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Radical Roots: Finding Environmentalism Amid the Schisms of mid-60s Berkeley

He could have joined with anti-war protesters or the Free Speech Movement, but for the son of David Brower, there was only ever one true path.
By Kenneth Brower
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Death to the Fascist Insect: Looking Back 40 Years on the SLA

Nothing symbolizes the violent radicalism of the ’70s like the SLA and its abduction of Patricia Campbell Hearst. But what did it mean?
By Michael Taylor
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Economic Leverage: UC Students Fought Tooth and Nail to Divest from South Africa

UC’s divestment helped bring down the apartheid regime in Pretoria, but it didn’t happen without a struggle.
By Chris A. Smith
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A Map of Radical Berkeley

From activism to anarchy—it’s made for an interesting history.
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Lab + Field

In the Driver’s Seat

When can we expect to hand the wheel over to robots?
By Coby McDonald
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Selling Sustainability

Delivering cookstoves is easier than convincing people to use them.
By Laura B. Childs
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From Six Feet Under to Sixty Miles High

Honoring pets in the afterlife.
By Coby McDonald
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Silicon Valley’s Disruptive Influence

It’s a brogrammer’s world—but how does that affect tech workers and the outside community?
By Laura B. Childs
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Not Just Skin Deep

A Berkeley researcher alerts young women to the dangers of makeup.
By Wallace Ravvin
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Arts + Letters

The Thing Is—Who Knows?

It’s a periodical package and a total mystery.
By Janelle Brown
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Taste Test

Greenhouse Growing

Climate change is wreaking havoc on your meal table.
By Stacy Finz
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Far Flung

Germany’s Beating Heart

Berlin’s turbulent past gives rise to exuberant culture.
By Christine Schoefer
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Sather Gate

Restless Raul Ramirez

Journalist refused to be a “stenographer to the powerful.”
By Patricia Yollin
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5 Questions

5 Questions for Novelist Rachel Kushner

The author of The Flamethrowers, on being jaded at 16, loving Didion, and not calling herself a “radical”
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Out of the Gate

My Commie Parents

Their radical past wasn’t exactly secret, but it was past.
By Joe Garrett
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Alumni Gazette

For Pete’s Sake

The men who won Cal’s sole NCAA basketball top title remain united.
By Martin Snapp
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