January February 2006

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For a century and a half, Americans spoke of California as the future when they wanted to escape inevitability. California now represents what the rest of the nation fears to become. Essay by Richard Rodriguez Read more »

Arnold’s Dilemma

Voters want a governor who can unite the state, but California’s political structure encourages polarization. Schwarzenegger is just the latest victim. By John B. Judis Read more »

Wild, Wild East

When Bruce Lee first flew like an avenging god across the silver screen with his awe-inspiring kicks, he redefined cinematic action and brought the heroic Asian male onto the world stage. By Andrew Lam Read more »


In myriad ways, California is moving West to East. By Michael Zielenziger Read more »

Living in China’s World

An interview with journalism dean and China scholar Orville Schell. By Lisa Margonelli Read more »


Flying Saucer to the Rescue

New age airship to bring disaster relief. By Felicia Mello Read more »

Social Responsibility

Moneymaker or not? By Steven Bodzin Read more »

Ego Inflation

Are you overvaluing yourself? By Lygia Navarro Read more »

Go Back in Time—Virtually

Computer-aided design brings an Oakland neighborhood back to life. By Kathy Newman Read more »

Let the Sun Shine In

Tiny conductors could lead to high-energy solar power. By Steven Bodzin Read more »

The Heart of the Matter

New device improves cholesterol risk detection. By Yasmin Anwar Read more »


Black Peru

By Lygia Navarro Read more »

Bear Treks

Chasing General Lee

By Patrick Lloyd Hatcher Read more »

Sather Gate

Alumnus of the Year: Karl Pister

A man of the campus. By Patrick Dillon Read more »

Berkeley Moment

Professor Dundes, Caffe Strada, and Me

Or how to write 50,000 words in 30 days. By Chris Baty Read more »