March April 2009

The Humor Issue Features

Spoken Word

Introducing the curious autobiography of Mark Twain. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Hell or San Francisco

In which the author recalls the “Great Earthquake of 1865”. By Mark Twain Read more »

Seriously Funny

Folklorist and beloved Cal professor Alan Dundes sought the meaning in jokes. By Evan Ratliff Read more »

Plus: Infinite Jest

Sketch Comedy

Q&A with New Yorker cartoonist Mike Twohy, MFA ’73. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Plus: Pelican Daze and Funny as a Crutch

The Prince and the President

In which the author recalls meetings with Edward, Prince of Wales and Ulysses S. Grant. By Mark Twain Read more »

Avant Garden

The Center for New Music and Technology cultivates the sonic frontier. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Plus: Two Turntables and a Symphony

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earthquake

The Fritz Institute gets Bay Area nonprofits ready to head up relief efforts when disaster strikes. By Adair Lara Read more »


Foolproof Funny

Better humor through computer science. By Mary Kole Read more »

Salty or Sweet?

Inland ants make a beeline for the salt shaker. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Voices from the Past

Using today’s technology in unexpected ways. By Lisa Bennett Read more »

Life in the Trees

Q & A with Berkeley’s Landscape Architect. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Living with Fire

Q & A with fire ecologist Scott Stephens. By Anne Pinckard Read more »


Hella Hula

Choreographer Patrick Makuakane has a progressive approach to Hawaii’s ancient dance form. By Georgia Rowe Read more »

TV Eye

By Reyhan Harmanci Read more »

Sweet Honey in the Rack

By Martin Snapp Read more »


Dining In

The best Last Suppers in Florence. By Bob Schildgen Read more »

Sather Gate

A Righteous Man

Legendary basketball coach Pete Newell. By Martin Snapp Read more »

Beyond Academics

The Equity Scholarship Campaign aims to keep Berkeley’s cultural tapestry rich in a time of thin budgets. By Michelle Gahee Read more »