May June 2007

The New Food & Farming Issue Features

Can the City Save the Farm?

New Ruralism—an eclectic outgrowth of farmers and urban planners—wants to remarry town and country. By Rick Wartzman Read more »

Plus: Wilding the Farm

Food Reform

The 2007 federal Farm Bill could transform public health and the health of our farmland. Commentary by Michael Pollan Read more »

Roots and Branches

An acclaimed photographer returns to the Sacramento Valley fields and farms of his youth. Essay and photographs by Reagan Louie Read more »

Her Heroes Have Always Been Farmers: An Interview with Alice Waters

The queen of California cuisine says her ultimate fate may be to open another restaurant. Interview by Patrick Dillon Read more »

The Whole Meal

Alice Waters is crusading to change the way we teach our kids. By Dashka Slater Read more »

Where Jalapeño Meets Star Anise

Brimming with immigrants, California nourishes crossroads cuisine. By Andrew Lam Read more »

Plus: Breaking Culinary Tradition


Playing with Stats

By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

An Energy Idea that’s Heating Up

By Andrew Becker Read more »

Find the Bull’s-Eye in Targeting Tumors

By Massie Santos Ballon Read more »

Selenium Sponges

Genetically modified mustard plants mop up toxins. Read more »

An Arousing Scent

Read more »


Dancing Without a Net

Two stars with contrasting styles take a mutual risk in Sacred Monsters By Katherine Luce Read more »


The Yuppies of New China

Connecting the dots between Confucianism, the Cultural Revolution, and capitalism. By William Poy Lee Read more »

Sather Gate

100 Years of Scholarship

Berkeley’s intellectual might grows from academic family trees. Read more »