November December 2007

New Media Features

See Through Walls

The new Berkeley Art Museum will combine old-fashioned ideas about public space with radical new ones about urban design and the future of art. By Dashka Slater Read more »

Plus: Opening the Creek

Next Up: You, in 3D

What if we could use our whole idiosyncratic and imperfect human bodies to communicate technologically? By Katherine Luce Read more »

All The World’s a Cyber Stage

Award-winning dance director Marianne Weems explores the interaction of technology with humanity on stage and with the audience. Interview by Shannon Jackson Read more »

What’s New About New Media?

The Center for New Media is less concerned with whiz-bang technologies than with old values—truth, depth, reliability, authenticity, aesthetics, and public service. By Patrick Dillon Read more »

City Lights

Kerry Tremain on Professor Wen-hsin Yeh’s recently published book Shanghai Splendor and the pre-war creation of modern China. By Kerry Tremain Read more »

Eastern Starr

Berkeley’s East Asian Library finally has a home of its own. By Deborah Rudolph Read more »

Foiling the Geckos

The Internet can bring education and jobs to the world’s poor farmers. And with some ingenuity, the obstacles—political, cultural, and practical—can be overcome. By Erik Vance Read more »


Driving a Tank Through It

Macho men blast overcompensation theory. By Eric Simons Read more »

Life’s a Bowl of Noodles

By Eric Vance Read more »

Where There’s Smoke There’s Opportunity

By Emma Brown Read more »

Tiny but Mighty

Making a meal of the olive fruit fly. By Massie Santos Ballon Read more »

It’s MySpace, Not Yours

By Eleanor Black Watkin Read more »

Reading the Air

Berkeley’s accidental drug czar. By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

Glad You Asked

Read more »


Republic of Longing

When you don’t get what you want, imagine it. By Eleanor Black Watkin Read more »

Belittled, Bothered, and Bewildered

Azar Nafisi decries one-sided debate. By Eleanor Black Watkin Read more »


Changed and Unchanged Serbia

Beautiful and historic Belgrade shows its pride, but not its secrets. By Heather Roberson Read more »

Sather Gate

The Play and Life and Life Only

By Jeffrey S. Brand Read more »

Life Coach

By Adeel Iqbal Read more »

Berkeley Moment

The Moon Man Returns

It’s not easy selling moon shares in today’s market. By Amy Goldwitz Read more »