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Cara Houser

September 27, 2023
Cara Houser in front of a mural of an eye

After graduating with a degree in Political Science, Cara Houser spent 20 years learning how to survive and ultimately thrive in the ultra-male, pressure cooker real estate development business. During that time, her teams produced over 3,000 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating over $1.5B in value. Now she is a career strategist and empowerment coach helping high impact women leaders step into their power & go from burned out to lit up in their lives and careers. She wrote a book called Burned Out to Lit Up: Ditch the Grind and Reclaim Your Life, a playbook for burnout recovery, which was released in October 2023. She lives in El Cerrito, CA with her husband, fellow Cal alum and fellow Cal sailing team All-American Dave Houser, and their two teenagers Stella and Alden. Go Bears!!!

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