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Marriage Equality Progresses

June 26, 2013

Just in time for San Francisco’s Pride weekend, this morning the US Supreme Court issued rulings on both the California Prop. 8 case and the Defense of Marriage Act challenge. And both rulings went as well as the defenders of marriage equality could hope for.

In the Prop. 8 case (Hollingsworth v. Perry), it was ruled that the authors of a ballot initiative don’t have the authority to champion it through the federal courts. And in the DOMA case (Windsor v. United States), the court ruled that once a same-sex couple is legally married, they are entitled to the same benefits allowed to married heterosexual couples.

At least that’s our non-lawyer take on matters. So we’ve asked a couple of the experts up at Boalt Hall for their views, which we’ll share as soon as we get them.

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