Spring 2010

Searchlight on Gray Areas Features

The World According to Errol Morris

An interrogation of the director of “The Fog of War” and “Standard Operating Procedure” By Pat Joseph Read more »

Truth in the Machine

Three Berkeley men converged to create the lie detector By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

The Tenure Tracts

Academics try to sift truth from subterfuge in the blogosphere By Cathleen McCarthy Read more »

Behind The Great Firewall

To the Chinese, freedom of speech isn’t really the issue. By Andrew Moss Read more »

A Cracked Slate

In search of Rube Goldberg’s Barodik By Adam Mann Read more »

Strange Renderings

The secret geographies of Trevor Paglen By Chris Smith Read more »

Lab + Field

More Than a Feeling

Berkeley researchers isolate the gene that enables us to feel for others. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Just a Fluke

Engineering a solution to China’s public health problems By Lauren DiPerna Read more »

Bang-Up Job

Astronomers spot a new type of stellar explosion. By Roberta Kwok Read more »

Smells Like Aggression

Researchers re-create chemicals that cause ants to attack each other. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

Cyber Stone Age

An archaeologist uses virtual reality to revive the past. Read more »

Arts + Letters

The Berkeley Rebellion

Mario Savio’s design for a Free Speech Movement monument By Robert Cohen Read more »

Upward Mobility

Joan Jeanrenaud has forged a second career as a composer. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Far Flung

The Edge of Paradise

The beauty of the Philippines is apparent to the tourist, but some of its greatest pleasures are reserved for the traveler. By Glen Martin Read more »

The Play

The Price of Excellence

Can Cal afford athletics? By Eric Simons Read more »

Sather Gate

The Heroes’ Hero

Alumnus of the Year Richard Goldman made it his mission to reward environmentalists. By Sabin Russell Read more »

5 Questions For:

Author and former CIA operative Robert Baer By Sonia Lazar Read more »

Straightening the Path

Whitney Laughlin, Ed.D. ’93, has spent her life wandering in search of her tribe. By Erik Vance Read more »

Out of the Gate

All the President’s REMs

There was no doubt that working at The Daily Californian prepared a young newspaper reporter to get to the bottom of things. By Steve Rubenstein ’77 Read more »