Spring 2014



The Plato and Newton of Branding: Berkeley’s David Aaker

In the consumption-fired 21st century, branding is the air we breathe, and Aaker is “the brand name in brand management.” By Frank Viviano
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Club Red: Notes on a Person-to-Person Tour in Cuba

U.S. tours offer a gateway to a tropical paradise—but leave your flip-flops at home. By Wendy Miller
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You Can’t Say That! Is it Time to Write the Epitaph for Epithets?

Bile remains a most abundant humor, but using slurs can be tantamount to social suicide. By Glen Martin
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Kabam? Ka-Ching

Naming rights bring cash to campus. By Ben Christopher
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The Bear, Re-Branded

Cal replaces its live-and-let-live mascot with vicious new model. By Pat Joseph
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Branding the Elements

Berkeley stakes its claims on the periodic table. By Brendan Buhler
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Elements of Branding

Lessons on branding a university. By Mary McKinley
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Lab + Field

Sex and the Single Y

Our unpaired genes are getting pared down. By Brendan Buhler
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Navigate Like a Viking

Could the “sunstones” of Norse mythology have been based on actual devices made of calcite? By Fiona Hannigan
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Mind-Blowing Cat Research

Cats have long benefitted from a parasite that alters the minds of rodents. By Ginger Wojcik
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Piranha Defense

The Arapaima gigas of the Amazon has nothing to fear from piranhas. Here’s why. By Ginger Wojcik
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Arts + Letters

Bringing the Outside In

After decades of rumbling appreciation, the artwork of the untrained and self-taught has arrived. By Oliver Guy
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Taste Test

Food for Thought

Lunch at Chez Panisse captured the imagination, and the palate, of a doctoral student. By Michael Taylor
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Sather Gate

Love, War and Football

A relic from a World War II prison camp comes home to Cal Athletics. By Martin Snapp
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Out of the Gate

In on the Ground Floor

Would this start-up investment seal my fortune? Or was I in on the ground floor of a basement? By Jeremy Sherman
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