Spring 2020

An Athlete’s Worth



Show Them the Money

Student-athletes can now profit off their own image in California.
By Bryan Schatz
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Halftime at the Revolution

Jack Scott earned his Ph.D., became a college athletic director, then hid the Symbionese Liberation Army from the FBI.
By Pat Joseph
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You Thought Weed Was Legal. It’s Not, Exactly.

What’s changed since the passage of Prop. 64?
By Barry Bergman
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The Prison-to-Schools Pipeline

Some unconventional Berkeley students are working to help the formerly incarcerated succeed.
By Robin Estrin
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Reporting from San Quentin

A Q&A with journalism professor William Drummond
By Brandon Patterson
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Now This: Cal Critters

Campus is teeming with more than just students.
By Brooke Kottmann
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The United Nations of Berkeley

For 90 years, I-House has been home to diversity.
By Julia Apffel
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What’s in a Name?

Goodbye “Boalt,” hello “The Law Building.”
By Fischer Davis
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Mixed Media

Editors’ Picks: What to read, watch, and listen to this spring.
By Editorial Staff
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The Gate


Is They Here to Stay?

A Q&A with linguist Geoffrey Nunberg
By Laura Smith and Leah Worthington
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First Person: Imagineer That!

The happiest intern on earth
By Kristine Sanders, as told to Brooke Kottmann
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Chancellor’s Letter

Private support and the University’s public character
By Carol T. Christ
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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Editor’s Note

There’s money in college sports. Lots of it.
By Pat Joseph
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