Summer 2018 – Our Town

Our Town



Houses in the Hills

How Berkeley’s early bohemians built the beginnings of a counterculture.
By Barry Bergman
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150 Years of Town & Gown

The city of Berkeley and its relationship to the school it grew up around.
By Editorial Staff
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The Legend of Grover Krantz

Anthropologist Grover Krantz had a larger than life obsession with the legendary Bigfoot.
By Krissy Eliot
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The Strange but True Story of the Einsteins of Berkeley

A comic book treatment of a tragicomic tale.
Text by Pat Joseph
Illustrations by Michael Cho
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Lab + Field


All Hopped Up

Berkeley researchers may be able to make hoppy beer without hops.
By Leah Worthington
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Five Questions for David Patterson

David Patterson, world’s strongest Turing laureate.
By Pat Joseph
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A Deep Dive into Human Evolution

Study of “sea nomads” reveals a surprising adaptation.
By Leah Worthington
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Seeing the Way Forward

Visualizing telomerase could change medicine.
By Maria Gaura
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Arts + Letters


Opera Untucked

Begun as a geologist’s labor of love, West Edge Opera company is a cultural gem.
By Steven Winn
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Sather Gate


Talk of the Town

Q&A with former Cal student and current Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguín
By Alissa Greenberg
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Chancellor’s Letter

Developing People’s Park
By Carol T. Christ 
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Five Questions for Richard Schwartz

Berkeley historian talks about his new biography of M. B. Curtis.
By Pat Joseph
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Out of the Gate


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Columnist

A narrow brush with a high-ranking Russian spy.
By Martin Snapp
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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Editor’s Note

“For most of the last ten years, this spot has been home.”
By Wendy Miller
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