Winter 2010

Inside Out Features


Berkeley Art Museum adopts a new building plan for a leaner time. By Joe Brown Read more »

The Heart of the Matter

Online or off, couples still have to click. By Abigail Goldman Read more »

Pas de Deux

Philosopher Alva Noë choreographs the mind. By Frank Browning Read more »

What’s Eating You

The recent uproar over bed bugs barely scratches the surface. By Brendan Buhler Read more »

Lab + Field

Wild, Wild Life

Is California’s elusive puma moving into the urban jungle? By Anne Pinckard ’02 Read more »

Growing Success

A Berkeley professor studies the lasting impact of kindergarten. By M.R. Fall Read more »

Water Safety

A Berkeley student brings clean water technology back home. By Sandra Chung Read more »

Killer App

A Berkeley researcher weighs in on cell phones and cancer. By Eric Schultz Read more »

Arts + Letters

Orchestrating Excellence

The Vienna Philharmonic’s thrilling residency. By Jason Victor Serinus Read more »

Close Enough for Jazz

Joshua Redman at home in Berkeley. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Far Flung

Game Preserves

One African country has an unusual take on economic incentives to wildlife conservation. By Glen Martin Read more »

Taste Test

Beyond Wine and Chocolate

Scharffenberger leads a campaign to make tofu cool. By Sarah Henry Read more »

The Play

No Joy in Berkeley

The day the axe fell at Cal Athletics. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Sather Gate

Getting the Lead Out

Researchers track an outbreak of lead poisoning to a surprising source. By Wallace Ravven ’72 Read more »

5 Questions for: Syd Field ’60

Hollywood screenwriting guru and author of Screenplay By Wallace Ravven ’72 Read more »

Out of the Gate

An Unusual Protest

A dozen friends and I sat around an apartment on Piedmont Avenue, celebrating the end of our grueling first term as graduate students at Berkeley in 1967. By Randy Alfred Read more »

Interview with Coaches

Interview with Coach David Esquer, Cal Men’s Baseball

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Interview with Coach Cari DuBois, Cal Women’s Gymnastics

Read more »

Interview with Coach Jack Clark, Cal Men’s Rugby

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Interview with Coach Theresa Sherry, Cal Women’s Lacrosse

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Interview with Coach Tim McNeill, Cal Men’s Gymnastics

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