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Photo by Kevin Kitsuda

Camp Schedules

The Lair offers a wide array of programs for all our camping sessions. Activities include pickleball, pool time, staff-led hikes, yoga, art, kayaking, evening campfires, guest speakers, and so much more! We’re happy to email you a sample schedule for any of our sessions.

Age Group Programs

Let our staff watch your kids so you can enjoy a little ‘me’ time. We offer daily supervised activities that are age appropriate for kids between the ages of 2 (diaper graduates only) and 17.

Activities include scavenger hunts, nature walks (for younger kids) and hikes (for older kids), games, sports, paddle boating on the lake, art, sing-alongs, evening movies, pool parties, and more! Your kids will have their own fun, allowing you time take a swim, play some pickleball, enjoy a yoga class, or relax at your tent.

a group of toddlers waiting for instruction Photo by Kevin Kitsuda