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Class Notes: 1991

Class of 1991

Greg Miller‘s Now and Then Here and Now: New and Selected Poems 2022 has been released by Sheep Meadow Press, distributed by Syracuse University Press. Greg edited with Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise at the Nouvelle Sorbonne a book of essays just published by Manchester University Press: Edward and George Herbert in the European Republic of Letters.  

Greg’s author page includes information about each new publication, along with some pre-publication reviews. 

Scholarship – GREG MILLER (

Greg Miller headshot
Greg Miller
Class of 1991

The second edition of Ludwig B. Chincarini and Daehwan Kim’s book, Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management, was released in April. It is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of constructing and managing a high-yield quantitative equity portfolio.

Class Secretary: Michelle Segal,