What surprised me was her open-mindedness. Suddenly she approached dating with a genuine curiosity about all the types of men she’d missed out on. “Why not?” she said. “It’s just a first date.”
Why—given what UC Berkeley expert Franklin Zimring calls a “scandalous” failure to collect data—nobody actually knows the answer.
A first-of-its-kind law requires that caged laying hens be given more room to stand, turn around and spread their wings.
UC Berkeley-launched innovations for a drone sports camera and a digital stethoscope earn their founders spots on the new Forbes “30 Under 30” lists.
The response after a UC Berkeley study demonstrates the obese are likelier to be killed in car collisions? Pudgier crash dummies.
Says Berkeley J-school Dean Ed Wasserman: “Cartoonists are not journalists—they’re humorists, they’re comics, which makes attacks on them even more troubling.”
A sorority woman worries that fraternity party hosts expect their sorority guests to offer “payback” for an evening of alcohol and entertainment.
Men are running into a problem that has bedeviled women in the workplace for decades: the flexibility stigma. Not to mention what some experts call the "femininity stigma."
“We’re not trying to solve laundry. We’re not trying to solve knot tying, Ultimately, we want robots to be able to learn anything humans can demonstrate. That’s the beauty of it."
Who and what determines whether police officers have used excessive force? Congress and the courts will consider whether the system is unfair.
A Berkeley professor and her team discover a revolutionary new tool for snipping and editing genomes.