UC Berkeley professor’s GoodGuide app lets consumers scan a product barcode and see how it affects health, the environment and society. Next comes the hard part.
Berkeley Art Museum stages farewell finale Sunday before beginning its move to new quarters closer to downtown.
A sorority woman worries that fraternity party hosts expect their sorority guests to offer “payback” for an evening of alcohol and entertainment.
Among its benefits: lower blood pressure, strengthened immune systems, reduced loneliness, and measurably improved outlooks on life.
Its algae-infested waters are thick with anatoxin-a, a neurotoxin that attacks the brain. And if the Eel River poisonings are any indication, there’s not much that can be done to stop it.
In a self-published autobiography, the former Cal standout plumbs his family origins.
Berkeley’s famed folklorist applied his Freudian psychoanalytic approach to topics ranging from tongue twisters to ethnic slurs, from holy texts to football.
Berkeley Adventure Playground is one of only a few “junk playgrounds” in the U.S. where fun—and anarchy—reign. “A bit like Lord of the Flies,” observed one mom. “But in a good way.”
Innovation to turn display screens into vision-correctors named one of Scientific American’s “World Changing Ideas of 2014.”
In most states, day care costs more than a year of public college tuition. For those who can't afford it, care is often "a hand-me-down job. Men hand it down to women. High-income women to low-income women.…"
A Berkeley professor and her team discover a revolutionary new tool for snipping and editing genomes.