“No place on earth is more than a multi-hour jet flight from anyplace else. That kind of complexity vastly increases our vulnerability. It allows for cascades of transmission.”
Without Occupying Wall Street or the limelight, this Berkeley-based economist demonstrated that 95 percent of income growth has been flowing to the top 1 percent. The rest of us saw our “recovery” take the form of a rounding error.
In five floors of the Berkeley icon lay tons of fossils extracted from treasure troves of prehistoric preservation such as the La Brea Tar Pits. So who uses this stuff?
Here’s what the latest science tells us about the wisdom of a pending Berkeley ordinance, which would require cell phone stickers warning users of a “possible” increased brain cancer risk.
Civilian police departments have received $5.1 billion worth of military surplus free from the Pentagon. Is that really helping keep the peace?
Meet the Cal alum who turned an obscure hobby into a profession: creating languages for fantasies such as HBO's Game of Thrones.
Uber-achieving Cal student and sister start education firm, create Pi-Bots kits, crowdfund to pay for production, and are shipping them to 45 countries.
Research keeps confirming that to be successful, women need more of what they lack: confidence. But therein lies the paradox.
Good news for California: “There’s a lot of water that we can’t see,” says Berkeley researcher working on pilot project using the new technology to assess groundwater levels.
“We owe them,” say Berkeley Law students who pushed to change U.S. policy to secure visas for Afghan interpreters and their families left behind—often in danger.
UC Berkeley epidemiologist, a key federal advisor on pertussis, updates his prognosis for combatting a disease that is particularly dire for infants.