Using photography as his primary tool, Goldman Prizewinner helped halt a dam project in repressive Myanmar.
The absurd length of the song exactly matches the ‘missing time’ from the Nixon Watergate tapes. Coincidence?
What if the extraterrestrial life we connect with proves to be not the Steven Spielbergian kewpie doll kind of alien, but instead the frothing, oozing-chartreuse-slime-from-every-pore, face-eating variety?
Our Wild Food Week video follows UC Berkeley researchers and followers as they hunt and gather urban weeds, then devour weed-infused delicacies at a gourmet restaurant. It may change how you regard whatever’s growing out of sidewalk cracks.
A student hits the open road in search of personal freedom and justice for others. The latest in our Perspectives series.
Meyer Sound has pioneered soundscapes all over the world but the company's roots, and heart, remain in Berkeley.
When Steve Wozniak left Cal in 1972, he didn’t expect to stay away as long as he did. “Berkeley had been probably the best year of my life. I didn’t ever drop out.”
"I used every single struggle, every single tear and fear as motivation. Here I am today typing this at UC Berkeley..."
Now that individual robots are working well, UC Berkeley biomimetics wizard Ron Fearing is working to give them swarm intelligence.
When it comes to dealing with offenders, “the current emphasis is on suffering—‘Did they suffer enough?’ That’s not really getting us anywhere.”
A UC Berkeley professor of bioethics argues that medical schools "need to stop un-teaching" empathy.