If you decide to cut the cable, so to speak, brace yourself for a battle—or learn how to beat your cable company at its own game.
It’s been a banner year for bicycling advocacy. And yet, turn your eyes outward and the lanes are always greener.
In desiccating drought, lush quads can look like indictments of water waste. But universities would have a lot to lose by shutting off the sprinklers.
Graduate degrees aside, who wouldn’t love to turn a hobby into a successful vocation?
UC Berkeley expert contends War on Drugs triggered the unjustifiable incarceration of way too many Americans—and billing them for their cost to the system just sends them through a revolving door back to prison.
The great Bay Area math rock band will play the L@te Friday Nights series at Berkeley Art Museum.
Some 50,000 people, mostly Millennials, have already signed up for the nation’s first online college class on The Science of Happiness.
Researcher brothers at Berkeley and Brown explore how self-interested humans can be induced to cooperate and, yes, share.
For the first time in recorded history, UC Berkeley has an introductory computer science class in which female students outnumber males.
Some Californians already drink treated wastewater. Yes, the “toilet-to-tap cocktail” is already de rigueur in cutting-edge Orange County and is coming soon to a community near you. And that's not all...
Hacking the telomeres of our chromosomes could let us live forever. It could also give us cancer.