Critics say controversial comedian is a poor choice, but Chancellor Dirks cites freedom of speech and vows to welcome him.
Teleconference will explore how robots might be able to decontimatinate infected areas, handle bio-waste and even serve as “robot morticians”—but experts caution they are not a panacea.
UC Berkeley specialists find a “disconnect” between academic theory and what happens on the ground.
A U.S. Marine Captain who became a UC Berkeley law student has fought to get his platoon’s translator and his family to safety in the United States.
Comics artist Art Spiegelman, of ‘Maus’ fame, explores the real progenitors of the graphic novel in his touring show, ‘WORDLESS!’
With the largest single gift in OMCA history, Bruce Beasley ensures Oakland will remain a destination for sculpture on the West Coast.
How well do you know UC Berkeley’s historical luminaries? Video highlights from a campus tour guide who isn’t just a character—he’s several.
He could have joined with the anti-war protesters or the Free Speech Movement, but for the son of environmentalist David Brower, there was only ever one true path.
In his designs, Eugene Tssui insists we radically alter our relationship to nature and to structures. Now if he can just get them built.
As a UC Berkeley engineering prof continues to warn that the self-supported span would be risky in a major quake, new revelations only add to public apprehension.
Chemicals in cosmetics are “endocrine disruptors”—and may pose a particular threat to teenagers at a time when their hormones are on the rise.