The far-right commentator, who is scheduled to speak at Cal on Feb 1st, recently landed a lucrative book deal. Reactions from the public and publishing world have been divided.
A Cal associate professor of business and a former Cal Ballroom team coach show us their moves.
Adding to Uber’s legal woes, a former employee has filed a lawsuit accusing the company of recruiting top techies by misleading them about their equity compensation.
Krauss explores ethical questions raised by two opposing approaches to end-of-life care in his Oscar-shortlisted documentary short.
Esther Hernández got the idea for her iconic ‘Sun Mad’ while visiting her mother in the San Joaquin Valley.
As higher housing and tuition costs force more students to skip meals, UC campuses such as Berkeley are at the forefront: opening food banks, harvesting student gardens, teaching cooking-on-a-budget, and providing emergency aid. Even so, need persists.
Berkeley-led study of alumni of North American colleges finds deep commitment to African issues even among those who stayed abroad after college.
Imagine a sports stadium replacing its box seats and bleachers with Voltas, in which rocking fans generate enough power to illuminate the field and the Jumbotron.
A Trump administration threatens to leave the Delta smelt and other fish floundering.
Researchers show that the hippocampus, a memory center of the brain long ignored in the study of language, plays an active role in discourse.