Haas students’ company tries to make the case that alumni homeowners who want to go solar should be able to get a loan from their alma mater’s endowment instead a big bank.
Company devised technique to create different types of silks—strong, stretchy, super soft. These threads will go into creating truly designer clothing—down to the molecular level.
It requires all unvaccinated schoolchildren without a valid medical excuse to be homeschooled. But on the day the governor signs it into law, vaccine opponents vow to keep on fighting.
“The Congressional team captain, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, came to NPR and when she walked in I yelled, ‘We’re gonna kick your ass,’ which seemed completely appropriate.”
It’s easi­er to temper emotions if you ima­gine them as the five distinct char­ac­ters—and if your in­ner feel­ings are voiced by Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling, so much the better.
Linguists predict that as many as half the world's languages will vanish by the end of the century without intervention. The Rosetta Disk is designed to act as a decoder ring for the future.
A proposed 18-story development inspires a student-led petition to preserve bay views from the Cal campus.
“He’s got a shot at coming back for sure.” The DIY science of cryonics has remained on the fringe since a Berkeley-trained psychologist was first frozen in 1967—but the believers remain optimistic.
“As an early adopter of toys and gadgets, and an avid bicyclist since high school, I fell for e-bikes pretty hard.” But could an electric bike kick-start the future?
How high tech is increasingly helping police battle crime—and also giving a leg up to the robbers.
Food production now accounts for 80 percent of world deforestation, 70 percent of fresh water consumption and up to 30 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Something has to give, fast.