Contrary to State Department analysis, UC Berkeley economist estimates not extending the pipeline from the Canadian tar sands to Texas will keep the equivalent of at least a billion oil barrels underground.
UC Berkeley-operated Joint Genome Institute solicits poems, for better or verse, in celebration of National Poetry Month.
Earth Week 2014 kicks off with campus protests: At Berkeley, students accelerate pressure on UC Regents to divest. Here’s what’s really at stake for all sides.
How he seduced Stephen Colbert, newspaper editors, and a growing cadre of devotees with his argument that math is primal, vital and sexy.
A for-profit company, co-founded by a Cal alum, expands with plans to educate 10 million pupils. Critics fear the ‘McDonaldization’ of education.
Cal grads go on to become a reality TV show creator, organic farmer, yoga instructor, marketer, craftsman carpenter, midwife, cop, scuba diver, lawyer—or even a philosophy professor.
"We will be searching for additional naming rights and the search is definitely not restricted to Kabam. Our search includes all possibilities..." promises Vice Chancellor John Wilton.
There’s no Pinocchio’s nose—new studies find that people who consciously analyzed cues to spot liars did no better than chance. Here’s what worked better.
I invested big—and then started to fear I was getting in on the ground floor of a basement.
UC Berkeley activist researcher Saru Jayaraman: “The largest workforce in America can’t put food on the table—except when they go to work.”
One might call the Y the macho Ferrari of sex chromosomes, but really it's a jalopy. And if anything else falls off the Y, it could cease to function.