UC Berkeley-trained architect-turned-photographer Jeffrey Milstein says: “I think I like being able to see so much of what is going on and to be able to move through space in any direction.”
“If Google says ‘Hey, Lick is something we believe in,’ then others who are aware of the situation are much more likely to support it, But we’re not saved yet.”
How much do you really know about the Berkeley tower’s famed carillon? Behind the scenes—and at the keyboard—of an instrument whose clappers weigh up to hundreds of pounds.
“Getting a new piece is like going over and seeing a new baby. Everybody looks over and says how beautiful, when it’s really a small red crying thing. But it is beautiful…”
How an award-winning online operation, built with software and sweat equity, lets anyone “follow the money” influencing our political system.
The university says it can’t afford to keep the Emma Goldman Papers Project, forcing the archive of the ur-feminist to find a new home.
Projects cancelled, layoffs result as oil company BP cuts funding for the controversial Energy Biosciences Institute. An ominous sign for the promise of biofuels?
What surprised me was her open-mindedness. Suddenly she approached dating with a genuine curiosity about all the types of men she’d missed out on. “Why not?” she said. “It’s just a first date.”
“The first step is getting the right information to anyone who wants to use sustainable energy. That can be difficult,” says Anna Schneider. “How do you know when renewable power is available?” Her nonprofit can use technology to tell you.
Why—given what UC Berkeley expert Franklin Zimring calls a “scandalous” failure to collect data—nobody actually knows the answer.
A first-of-its-kind law requires that caged laying hens be given more room to stand, turn around and spread their wings.