High pitch, uptalk, filler words and fry—women are warned to avoid the feminine tics that undercut their power. Men have vocal tics, too. Notice that nobody is policing their speech.
Earthlings are embarking on a $100 million quest: the most advanced search for extra-terrestrial intelligence ever undertaken. Three UC Berkeley researchers are going all-in for what they call “the chance of a lifetime.”
President Obama’s bioethics panel reports that “novel neuroscience techniques” might soon reveal when a person is lying. Why some insist we’re on the verge of a reliable brain scan lie detector test—and why skeptics are rolling their eyes.
Too many needy clients can’t afford a lawyer, and too many law school grads can’t find a job. This project aims to address both problems in one fell swoop.
The waters of San Francisco Bay are teeming with submerged wreckage of voyages gone awry—and the fact that they’re especially difficult to locate isn’t deterring this man on a mission.
"When Bud announced that the aforesaid murder mystery starred a slightly overweight, wine-sipping, BMW-driving retired professor of epidemiology, I was even shockeder—because that person is me."
UC itself described its mission as audacious and far-reaching. The goal: “harnessing the collective power of UC to help put the world on a path to sustainably and nutritiously feed itself.”
“He’s got a shot at coming back for sure.” The DIY science of cryonics has remained on the fringe since a Berkeley-trained psychologist was first frozen in 1967—but the believers remain optimistic.
“Obviously it has to be sustainable and make money—otherwise we’d be out of business—but every day we ask if we are making an impact. Five years later, we are still having fun.”
It requires all unvaccinated schoolchildren without a valid medical excuse to be homeschooled. But on the day the governor signs it into law, vaccine opponents vow to keep on fighting.
Why the drought may make this option inevitable, and what it will take to conquer the “yuck factor.”