A Berkeley grad student came up with an app that could make your phone a tiny seismometer. Now all it needs to work is a lot more funding.
No pills, no shots, no yoga, no prayers. Peter Van Houten and John Fox say they recapture their youth by giving talks on World War I and U.S. taxation.
Native communities have already used UC Berkeley’s worn, fuzzy-sounding recordings of their ancestors to relearn their language and songs, but cutting-edge optical scanning will remaster those recordings (and even bring Ishi’s voice back to “life”).
By next fall, a Cal team plans to finish building a net-zero energy, approximately 250-square-foot home-on-wheels—in part to demonstrate that UC Berkeley and the city of Richmond can preserve affordable housing options.
How a pending U.S. Supreme Court case could affect who gets into top California universities—and why the state is now officially more conservative than Texas when it comes to affirmative action.
It’s easi­er to temper emotions if you ima­gine them as the five distinct char­ac­ters—and if your in­ner feel­ings are voiced by Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling, so much the better.
Just days before the season opener: “It’s a wondrous time. All is golden anticipation. Technically we haven’t yet been eliminated from Rose Bowl contention. In fact, we’re tied for first place!”
“At the start of the day, you typically see some tension, some anxiety,” says a Berkeley psychologist studying the soothing effects of nature. “And by the end of the day, everyone is laughing and jumping in the water. Something good has happened to them.”
“Obviously it has to be sustainable and make money—otherwise we’d be out of business—but every day we ask if we are making an impact. Five years later, we are still having fun.”
President Obama’s bioethics panel reports that “novel neuroscience techniques” might soon reveal when a person is lying. Why some insist we’re on the verge of a reliable brain scan lie detector test—and why skeptics are rolling their eyes.
The African wildlife crisis is a crisis of misperception. Conservation has been subsumed by animal rights. These are not, however, the same things.