Native communities have already used UC Berkeley’s worn, fuzzy-sounding recordings of their ancestors to relearn their language and songs, but cutting-edge optical scanning will remaster those recordings (and even bring Ishi’s voice back to “life”).
By next fall, a Cal team plans to finish building a net-zero energy, approximately 250-square-foot home-on-wheels—in part to demonstrate that UC Berkeley and the city of Richmond can preserve affordable housing options.
“Make no mistake, it is work, meaning intellectually rigorous, at the world’s best public university. But it is also a stimulating exercise in lifelong learning, which slips away from many people in retirement, myself included.”
How a pending U.S. Supreme Court case could affect who gets into top California universities—and why the state is now officially more conservative than Texas when it comes to affirmative action.
“Wysdym Yrth is a deliberately-founded, intentionally-minded, socially-radical, sustainably-karmic community with two (2!) currently available rooms.”
"When Bud announced that the aforesaid murder mystery starred a slightly overweight, wine-sipping, BMW-driving retired professor of epidemiology, I was even shockeder—because that person is me."
“There are a handful of schools in the United States that have a mythic identity, and Berkeley is one of those.” Don’t believe us? Just watch.
High pitch, uptalk, filler words and fry—women are warned to avoid the feminine tics that undercut their power. Men have vocal tics, too. Notice that nobody is policing their speech.
“Obviously it has to be sustainable and make money—otherwise we’d be out of business—but every day we ask if we are making an impact. Five years later, we are still having fun.”
People are weighing in on their picks for a woman to grace the U.S. $10 bill—but many of them are still hoping to get her on the more popular and ATM-friendly $20.
The African wildlife crisis is a crisis of misperception. Conservation has been subsumed by animal rights. These are not, however, the same things.