Kids whose parents never went to college often feel compelled to choose between school and home.
A hundred years ago this month, a group of Cal alums and others met in Berkeley to envision the creation of the National Park Service—and begin to make their dream a reality.
While researching his book about death, history professor Thomas Laqueur reincarnated as an opera patron.
It’s a live madcap show that blends the aural artistry of 1930s radio drama with the visual artistry of a graphic novel. What could go wrong?
“If Google says ‘Hey, Lick is something we believe in,’ then others who are aware of the situation are much more likely to support it, But we’re not saved yet.”
How Richard Pryor went underground, crushed his inner Cosby, and re-emerged as the most badass comic in America.
Over the years, the city’s image as an arts and entertainment hub has slipped. This $5.5 million project aims to resurrect the legendary movie house as a live venue, infusing youthful energy into University Avenue.
It’s no secret that women and blacks are underrepresented in engineering and mathematics—but music composition, philosophy and even classical studies?
“You get continual feedback (and) can also baseline yourself with other people. For a lot of women, because it’s such a taboo topic, they want to know where they fall within the spectrum.”
When it comes to dealing with offenders, “the current emphasis is on suffering—‘Did they suffer enough?’ That’s not really getting us anywhere.”
A UC Berkeley professor of bioethics argues that medical schools "need to stop un-teaching" empathy.