TIA—short for "This is Africa"—was an expression locals used whenever things didn’t go as expected—which was always.
More than 100 years after it was penned, “Happy Birthday to You” is no longer a cash cow for the Warner Music Group’s publishing arm.
To thwart a federal ban on funding gun violence research, California’s Legislature opts to pay for a UC-based project: “We need a lot more information, and research doesn’t automatically mean your side is going to lose.”
From vandalized mosques to calls for bans on Muslim immigrants, a new report documents a rise in Islamophobia, and a key author forecasts a four-month “roller coaster ride” until the November election.
High pitch, uptalk, filler words and fry—women are warned to avoid the feminine tics that undercut their power. Men have vocal tics, too. Notice that nobody is policing their speech.
The joke in 2012 was that if Cal were its own country, it would have tied for sixth in the world for the number of gold medals won. These athletes are working to pull off a similar triumph in the 2016 Games.
After two UC Berkeley researchers exposed someone else's research results as fake, their own experiment found the faked results were true—it really is possible to change people's minds.
“Words cannot describe what I’ve just seen—so just gonna say you’ve got to just see it for yourself. It’s insane. I can’t believe it.”
More than in any other presidential election, the Libertarian Party is poised to make a decisive impact.
Company devised technique to create different types of silks—strong, stretchy, super soft. These threads will go into creating truly designer clothing—down to the molecular level.