Four years of drought may have made people forget that California can be blighted by too much water as well as too little. And even if this El Niño is epic, it won’t actually get us “back to normal.”
“A 22 percent increase in per-pupil spending throughout all 12 school-age years for low-income children is large enough to eliminate the education gap.”
“Words cannot describe what I’ve just seen—so just gonna say you’ve got to just see it for yourself. It’s insane. I can’t believe it.”
Contest winnings underwrite the work of four architectural students who have created, in rural Japan, a community center that “breathes like a living organism.”
The different experiences of a father and son who both attended Cal and served in the Army—one drafted, the other enlisted.
Berkeley’s Bancroft Library remains a kind of magnetic north for all things Didion, as the author of a new book about the writer’s life discovered.
As Steve Kerr prepares for his second season coaching the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, his daughter and son hit the volleyball and basketball courts for Cal.
Our American emphasis on individual independence may be hurting our chances to achieve true happiness. Here’s why:
With 38 percent of us saying we would rather scrub a toilet than create and remember yet another username or password, a new one-stop-shop approach could make biometrics the new black.
In new book on the politics of pop, Marion Nestle predicts that Berkeley will be a trendsetter with its penny-per-once soda.
The story behind the story: “In the end, I followed my gut and just wrote what I wanted. I stopped somewhere just beyond 14,000 words—I mean, enough was enough.”