Fall 2009

Constant Change Features

A Great Aspiration

Cal wants to be both elite and equitable. It’s proving difficult. By Reyhan Harmanci Read more »

The (Really) Big Picture

Is examining the past, from the big bang to the present, a legitimate scholarly endeavor? Walter Alvarez thinks so. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »

Weathering The Storm

The forecast for newspapers may be grim, but J-schools look to a brighter future. By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

The New Believers

A surprising number of Asian students are drawn to the supportive structure of evangelical congregations. By Don Lattin Read more »

Nature’s Laboratory

Researchers in Moorea are inventorying the island’s ecosystem, one organism at a time. By Kenneth Brower Read more »

Work in Progress

In terms of demographics, funding, architecture, student culture, politics, you name it, Berkeley keeps changing. By Charles Burress Read more »

Lab + Field

You’re Bugging Me

Two reports show how Web companies track online user behavior. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

Boundary Issues

A closer look at the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. By Ben Christopher Read more »

IT Inside

Berkeley undergrads study the benefits of computer learning for inmates. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

Cosmic CARMA

When a Berkeley-led astronomy team joined forces with a rival facility at Caltech in 2004, they established the world’s largest telescope array. By Maya Wildgoose Read more »

Arts + Letters

Making Pictures

Berkeley and the Bay Area art revolution. By Bob Schildgen Read more »

Like Grandma Used to Make

Her grandmother Franche Yep, now 94, was one of the Mei Wahs, an all-Chinese, all-women basketball team of the 1930s. By Sandip Roy Read more »

Free Speech

Dinner by Design

The subtle, piquant, and vital debate over genetically modified crops. By Frank Browning Read more »

Far Flung

Tooth and Claw

Fishing with the bears in Kodiak. By Pat Joseph Read more »

The Play

The Dogged Competitor

Kevin Johnson in the Mayor’s Office. By Marcus Crowder Read more »

Owning It

Coach Joanne Boyle’s style is winning top recruits By Jake Curtis Read more »

Sather Gate

Caspar’s Tale

A Berkeley planner helps a community sustain its town. By Stephanie Gold Read more »

Meeting Locally, Acting Globally

The ELP expands Berkeley’s environmental influence. By Timothy Lesle Read more »

Out of the Gate

A Sitting Decoy

I called my sister. “I’ve just met the President,” I said. “I drove a car in his motorcade.” By Scott Lucas ’08 Read more »