Fall 2016 - The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth


Coded and Loaded

How politicians talk about race and gender without really talking about race and gender
By Chris. A Smith
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The Great White Mope

How white America’s declining status gave rise to the latest surge in populism
By Ben Christopher
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The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

In politics, TV still matters, but social media matters more and more
By Carla Marinucci
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Step Right Up

Voters share their opinions on the current election cycle.



Lab + Field

Eyes on The Octopus

In a trio of studies, Berkeley scientists strive to make sense of the cephalopods
By Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth
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Breathing Easier

A new device could help detect asthma attacks before they start
By Glen Martin
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Well in Control

Berkeley startup helps people find out what they’re drinking
By Nate Seltenrich
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Arts + Letters

Crazy Love

The Silk Road Project’s new adaptation of ‘Layla and Majnun’
By Marica Petry
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Sather Gate

Not Resting on His Laurels

Nobelist Randy Schekman uses his status to fight the system
By Katia Savchuk
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Marriage as ‘Optimal Stopping Problem’ and Other Algorithms to Live By

5 Questions for Tom Griffiths, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science
By Katia Savchuk
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Out of the Gate

Serendipity or Something Else?

A man recounts his experiences after his wife’s cancer diagnosis
By David Bangs
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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