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Barbara Chin

November 29, 2023

Class Secretary Barbara Chin received an activity report today on the Class of 1956 Humanities Preservation Endowment for the Library. She says, “It was terribly disappointing to see only $925.00 was received in gifts during 2023. Our class supports the salary of a conservator in the Preservation Department for the University. We will not be able to continue this valuable  contribution unless we give to our endowment. The Library’s Preservation Department is a vital part of the University. Revelations are part and parcel of the work happening every day in the department along with making sure that library collections are not lost to time. Among its most unique tasks has been working with the 2,000 year old papyrus fragments from ancient Egypt. Besides making artifacts from special collections accessible to today’s scholars, the department ensures that current materials will be available to the scholars of the future. Please continue to give. It does have a large impact on the department and University.” 

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