Summer 2015 Confronting the Future

Confronting the Future


In the Deep Freeze

What kind of person gets cryonically preserved?
By Chris A. Smith
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Parts Department

The “you” that survives into the next century may be mostly 3D printed.
By Brendan Buhler
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No One Gets Hurt

Why the future of crime may be less violent and more insidious.
By Michael Taylor
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Pedaling to Tomorrow

Could something as simple as an electric bike kick-start the future of transportation?
By Carl T. Hall
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Lab + Field


Real Deal on the Final Frontier

A former astronaut weighs in on the realities of space travel.
By Adam Mann
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Rosetta Disks as Speech Savers

Anticipating upheavals, a project aims to preserve the world’s languages. Think of it as a decoder ring for the future.
By Chelsea Leu
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Robots for Us, or Against Us?

A Berkeley professor is cautious about the consequences of AI, noting that when it comes to anticipating the risks posed by new technologies, we humans “don’t have a great track record.”
By Coby McDonald
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Going Chameleon

What a material that changes color as it moves could mean for humans.
By Natalie Stevenson
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Drawing a Line in the Sand

How can we protect shorelines from the ravages of the future? It’s defend or surrender.
By Timothy Lesle
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Arts + Letters

My Fictional Life

UC prof finds he’s lead character in Robert Roper’s murder mystery “The Savage Professor”.
By Andrew Moss
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Taste Test

All Natural

Forget fake meat and nutrient powders. The food of the future will be more down-to-earth.
By Stacy Finz
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Sather Gate

The Theorist’s Tools

Steve Wozniak

Using quantum mechanics and computers, Marvin Cohen conjures the building blocks of the future.
By Sabin Russell
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Out of the Gate

Out of the Navy and Into a Job

“Do you know anything about celestial navigation?” His companion pulled a form from a briefcase and handed it to me. “Sign here.”
By Walter Davie
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the future that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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