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Stuart Woolf’s farm in Huron Calif. on Oct 19.

As Water Runs Low, San Joaquin Valley Adapts to a Drier Future

By Glen Martin

In the heart of the valley

UCSF Prof. David Julius, right (Photo by Noah Berger)

Berkeley Claims Two More Nobels This Year

By Margie Cullen

David Card and David Julius won for economics and medicine, respectively.

“All Blind Roads Lead to Berkeley”

By Hayden Royster

Berkeley alum Joshua Miele wins a MacArthur for his innovations in technology for the blind.

Can We Make Mars Exploration More Affordable?

By Dhoha Bareche

Berkeley will launch two satellites to study Mars in a new era of space exploration.

New Life Sciences Incubator Opens for Business

By Margie Cullen

Berkeley is Going Big on Bioscience.

WTF is an NFT?

THIS MAY, THE UNIVERSITY ANNOUNCED it would auction off non-fungible tokens (NFTs) connected to two of its most recent Nobel Prize–winning discoveries: Jennifer Doudna’s gene-editing tool, CRISPR, and James Allison’s cancer immunotherapy.

Image source: Orbital Assembly

Welcome to the Age of Billionaires in Space

A space hotel for the super rich is on the horizon. But what about the rest of us?

Paleontology Is in the Midst of a Revolution.

The UC Museum of Paleontology celebrates a century of discoveries. THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MUSEUM OF PALEONTOLOGY (UCMP) celebrates its centennial this year, but the story of its founding begins nearly two centuries ago, when California’s newly formed legislature commissioned a survey of the state, eager to map its gold deposits. A team of geologists led […]

Image source: Desiree Stover / NASA

Berkeley Experts Help Launch a Groundbreaking New Space Telescope

By Susan Karlin

The James Webb Space Telescope will offer an unprecedented view of the universe. AFTER A QUARTER-CENTURY IN DEVELOPMENT and years of delays, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is poised to finally launch in November. Its multiyear mission: to explore other Earth-like planets and seek out the universe’s first light. Orbiting one million miles from Earth, […]

Image source: Chris Pietsch / The New York Times / Redux

“Dr. Fill” Becomes the First Computer to Win Crossword Tournament

Developed at Berkeley, the AI system edged out its top human competitor by 15 points. AT THE ANNUAL AMERICAN CROSSWORD PUZZLE TOURNAMENT in April, some 1,300 contestants raced to see who could complete the eight puzzles the fastest. The winner was Dr. Fill, an AI system developed by Matthew Ginsberg and helped to victory by Berkeley’s […]

Image source: iStock Photo

Berkeley Scientists Invent New Infinitely Recyclable Plastic Material

FROM THE MICROPLASTICS LEACHING from our laundry to the Styrofoam swirling in the Pacific garbage patch, it seems the world is awash in plastic waste. While we have struggled and failed to wean ourselves off plastics, Berkeley scientists are working hard to address the problem by making polymers that are more readily recyclable and biodegradable. While […]

Image source: Courtesy of Harvard

Dr. Mireille Kamariza is Leading the Fight Against Tuberculosis

Growing up in the Burundi and Cameroon, Dr. Mireille Kamariza, dreamed of becoming an astronaut.