Fall 2017–Bugged




The Bug Collection

A brief tour of the Essig Museum of Entomology
By Pat Joseph
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An Entomological Etymology

The astonishing metamorphosis of the word “bug”
By Krissy Eliot
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In Flew Enza

Remembering the Plague Year in Berkeley
By Pat Joseph
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Zen and the Art of Bug Repair

How a Cal-educated engineer taught the hippie generation how to stop worrying and love technology
By Pat Joseph
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Bugged about Privacy

Experts worry about how transparent our lives have become.
By Glen Martin
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Lab + Field

Dust in the Machine

The meld of man and machine leaps forward at Berkeley.
By Marica Petrey
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Knotty Circumstance

An unlikely Internet sensation from an unlikely study
By John Lawson
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Physics Monopole-ly

An elusive particle could be the key to a unified theory of everything.
By Aubrielle Hvolboll
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Five Questions for Anand Varma

National Geographic photographer
By Eva Rendle
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Parasites in Peril

New research suggests that parasites could be the new poster children for climate change.
By Eva Rendle
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Arts + Letters


Debugging the Novel

How a novelist-cum-programmer turned Cal professor is rewriting writing software.
By Alastair Boone
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Sather Gate


Opening a New Chapter

The first female chancellor ushers the university into its 150th year.
By Rebecca Flint Marx
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What I Hope to Achieve: A Letter from Chancellor Christ

“In my first months as chancellor, I’ve been thinking a lot about journeys.”
By Carol T. Christ
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Five Questions for Joyce Carol Oates

Novelist and Berkeley professor of creative writing
By John Lawson
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Out of the Gate


For Love of Roaches

Confessions of an entomophile
By Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth
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Editor’s Note

By Wendy Miller
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