January February 2009

Act Globally Features

Exiled Home

A researcher for the Human Rights Center writes about interviewing former Guantánamo detainees struggling to rebuild their lives in Afghanistan. By Andrew Moss Read more »

Lion King

Carnivore biologist Laurence Frank’s current efforts are aimed at working with tribal people to save Kenya’s dwindling lion population. By Glen Martin Read more »

Beyond the Haze

China’s ambitious plan to get companies to voluntarily increase energy efficiency is the result of a 20-year relationship with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. By Lisa Margonelli Read more »

Plus: Cooking with Gas

Diseases without Borders

Drug-resistant strains threaten to make tuberculosis the scourge of the 21st century. By Frank Browning Read more »

Mohammed comes to Holy Hill

Even without a major Muslim population, Berkeley could become a center for Islamic scholarship. By Don Lattin Read more »

The Writers’ Guide

When it came to mentoring writers, Oakley Hall had the magic touch. By Adair Lara Read more »

Plus: Warlock Excerpt


Now You Don’t

Making the visible invisible, and vice versa. By David Pescovitz Read more »

The Ventilated Nursery

Research shows using fans may reduce SIDS risk. By Lisa D. Bennett Read more »

Shining Cities

Reflective urban surfaces could help cool the planet. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Shopping Assistant

A new digital resource could help you make purchasing decisions. By Lisa D. Bennett Read more »

Living with Fire

Q & A with fire ecologist Scott Stephens. By Anne Pinckard Read more »


Not the Disney Version

A new Arabian Nights adaptation comes to Berkeley Rep. By Georgia Rowe Read more »

Playing Politics

Sarah Cahill’s A Sweeter Music provides catharsis for composers. By Martin Snapp Read more »

What Lion Laid Down with Wolff

The Blue Note 7 celebrate the birth of the legendary record label. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »


Renovating the Past

Behind barriers, Iraqi Kurdistan beckons. By Gail Bensinger Read more »

Free Speech

The Newest New Deal

It looks like Obamanomics will include another return to Keynes. By Carl T. Hall Read more »

Sather Gate

True Blue

For Alumnus of the Year Bob Haas, jeans are in his genes. By Jackie Krentzman Read more »