Spring 2015 Dropouts and Drop-ins

Dropouts and Drop-ins


The Myth of the Berkeley Dropout

Timothy Leary may have gotten his Ph.D. at Cal, but his “Turn on, tune in, drop out” never really described the Berkeley ethos.
By Pat Joseph
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The Struggle to Be First

Kids whose parents never went to college often feel compelled to choose between school and home.
By Alina Tugend
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Many Enroll, Few Finish, But MOOCs March On

Massive Open Online Courses are changing higher education, just not in the ways we expected.
By Sabine Bergmann
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

The benefits of taking a gap year off before college.
By Christina Schoefer
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Killing It in Berkeley

How Richard Pryor went underground, crushed his inner Cosby, and re-emerged as comedy’s top badass.
By Will Butler
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The Berkeley Dropout Hall of Fame

From London to Lynch: Take Our Gallery Tour Through the Berkeley Dropout Hall of Fame


The Berkeley Drop-in Hall of Fame


From Ishi to Hillary: Take Our Gallery Tour Through the Berkeley Drop-in Hall of Fame


Lab + Field


Natural By Design

Next-gen robots can run, flap, crawl—and talk to each other.
By Marica Petrey
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Reverse Cycle

Inspired by leaves, a new invention turns sunlight and water into fuel.
By Chelsea Leu
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Learning to Listen

Why better health care may start with a simple “How are you?”
By Marica Petrey
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Researching Discontent

Why an authoritarian regime may want—and secretly need—protests.
By Sabine Bergmann
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Anthropocene Now

Has the human race created a new geological epoch?
By Chelsea Leu
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Arts + Letters

The Ballad of John and Helen

Meyer Sound has pioneered soundscapes around the world, but Berkeley will always be home.
By Andrew Gilbert
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The Play

Back in the Game

A UC Berkeley program helps former Cal athletes finish their degrees.
By Coby McDonald
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Sather Gate

Woz Was Here

Steve Wozniak

How Silicon Valley’s merry prankster put his degree on hold and reshaped the world.
By Jon Zilber
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Out of the Gate

Heading for the World Cup

On dropping out of college to hitchhike to Brazil: “Rio,” I told every truck driver who gave me a ride. “La Copa Mundial.”
By Brian Kim
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on dropping in or out that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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