Spring 2019

Up in Smoke



Losing Paradise

More frequent, more intense, more destructive wildfires. Welcome to
the new normal.
By Glen Martin
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When Berkeley Burned

The great fire of September 17, 1923.
By Coby McDonald
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Experimenting with Fire

One of four research forests owned by the University, Blodgett is Berkeley’s
crown jewel.
By Coby McDonald
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A Radical Mind

David Horowitz calls himself the most hated ex-leftist in America. He’s
almost certainly right.
By Chris A. Smith
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Tales of Hofmann

Abstract painter Hans Hofmann left his mark on art education at Cal.
By Steven Winn
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Now This: KiwiBots

The robot revolution launches with lunch delivery.
By Coby McDonald
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Pie Days

Cliometrics casts new light on UC’s history.
By Pat Joseph
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Big Picture

The Greek comes alive.
By Editorial Staff
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The Gate


Catalyzing the Future

From teenage rebel to Nobel laureate, Frances Arnold is out to change
the world.
By Virgie Hoban
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Chancellor’s Letter

Diversity Initiatives
By Carol T. Christ
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Oral History

The dockside revolution
By Michael Jordan, as told to Josh Sens
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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Editor’s Note

Fire is the danger now foremost in most minds.
By Pat Joseph
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