Winter 2009

Food For Thought Features

The Locavore’s Dilemma

We agree that locally produced food is best, but we also want oranges in August and an end to world famine. What’s a locavore to do? By Glen Martin Read more »

Local Food from Afar

Charles Phan is sitting in his latest restaurant on San Francisco’s Bush Street eating pancakes. By Stacy Finz Read more »

Toward a Common Wealth

Economist Richard Norgaard decries the gospel of endless growth. By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

The Varieties of Religious Experience: Scenes from the Acid Conference

The following excerpt is adapted from a chapter of the new book by Don Lattin ‘76 called The Harvard Psychedelic Club. It unfolds in the summer of 1966, when icons of the psychedelic movement like Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert still have one foot in the Academy; Leary still looks the part of the Harvard prof and Alpert has yet to reinvent himself as Baba Ram Dass. For his part, the theologian and scholar Huston Smith is beginning to have second thoughts about the whole strange scene. By Don Lattin Read more »

In Search of Dry California Wines

California’s wine industry proclaims it’s leading the way toward sustainability. But are winemakers going green — or dry — enough to make a difference? By Bonnie Azab Powell Read more »


Before the housing bubble burst, development was going strong in the delta. Now is the time to pause and consider: what happens when the levee breaks? By Sandy Tolan Read more »

A System In Crisis

Could a major earthquake bring a Katrina-like catastrophe to the California Delta? By Sandy Tolan Read more »

Fueling the Future

In the race to find earth-friendly forms of energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is out in front. By Glen Martin Read more »

Green Energy

Much of the federal stimulus money dedicated to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is devoted to general construction, but a significant portion will benefit alternative energy initiatives. By Glen Martin Read more »

A Summer with Science

The first thing Edgar Ulu noticed was the smell. By Nate Seltenrich Read more »

Lab + Field

You’re Bugging Me

Two reports show how Web companies track online user behavior. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

Boundary Issues

A closer look at the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. By Ben Christopher Read more »

IT Inside

Berkeley undergrads study the benefits of computer learning for inmates. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

Cosmic CARMA

When a Berkeley-led astronomy team joined forces with a rival facility at Caltech in 2004, they established the world’s largest telescope array. By Maya Wildgoose Read more »

Arts + Letters

Making Pictures

Berkeley and the Bay Area art revolution. By Bob Schildgen Read more »

Like Grandma Used to Make

Her grandmother Franche Yep, now 94, was one of the Mei Wahs, an all-Chinese, all-women basketball team of the 1930s. By Sandip Roy Read more »

Free Speech

Dinner by Design

The subtle, piquant, and vital debate over genetically modified crops. By Frank Browning Read more »

Far Flung

Tooth and Claw

Fishing with the bears in Kodiak. By Pat Joseph Read more »

The Play

The Dogged Competitor

Kevin Johnson in the Mayor’s Office. By Marcus Crowder Read more »

Owning It

Coach Joanne Boyle’s style is winning top recruits By Jake Curtis Read more »

Sather Gate

Caspar’s Tale

A Berkeley planner helps a community sustain its town. By Stephanie Gold Read more »

Meeting Locally, Acting Globally

The ELP expands Berkeley’s environmental influence. By Timothy Lesle Read more »

Out of the Gate

A Sitting Decoy

I called my sister. “I’ve just met the President,” I said. “I drove a car in his motorcade.” By Scott Lucas ’08 Read more »