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2023 Spring/Summer

UC Berkeley Goes All-Electric As Part of Ambitious Clean Energy Campus Plan

By Pat Joseph

Steam rises from the squat gray building next to Cal’s baseball diamond, the billows white against the blue sky. Long a familiar presence, the vaporous plume will disappear in the not-too-distant future, as the power plant that creates it is retired.

A New EPA Rule Targets Tailpipe Emissions

By Leah Worthington

Ten days before Earth Day, on April 12, the Biden administration announced plans to significantly curtail vehicular emissions through unprecedented regulations that, if finalized, would mark a turning point in the electrification of everything from passenger vehicles to big rig trucks.

Inflation Reduction Act Marks U.S.’s Biggest Investment in Fighting the Climate Crisis

By Leah Worthington

Last August, as Californians faced a deepening drought, Pakistan battled devastating floods, and the FBI captivated the world with its dramatic raid of Mar-a-Lago, a landmark piece of legislation snuck its way into federal law.

6 (More) Things You’ll Never Believe Came from Berkeley!

By Pat Joseph

Curb cuts, smokestack scrubbers, hanging chads, and more!

Illustration using Canvas

Berkeley Center Brings Science-Based Mindfulness to the Masses

By Leah Worthington

A stone’s throw from the southwestern edge of campus sits a squat, nondescript, brown building with a lofty dream: to untangle the science of a meaningful life.

Margie Cullen

Remembering Joe Kapp

By Pat Joseph

Joe Kapp ’59 was the greatest bad quarterback there ever was—a larger-than-life character who left his mark as a player, coach, and activist. 

getty images/D C Malan

Berkeley Bucks the Trend in Humanities

By Hayden Royster

Early into his tenure as chancellor, Clark Kerr had a realization: Berkeley’s humanities were in crisis.


Climate Hope Has a Champion

By Coby McDonald

In this era of climate crisis there’s plenty of doom and gloom going around.

Courtesy of William Kentridge

What to Read, Watch, and Listen to this Summer

By The editors of California

Berkeley’s best entertainment offerings

Patrick Welsh

The Legacy of Berkeley’s I-House

By Margie Cullen

Meet five notable alumni who made waves in their fields


Publisher Wants Your Thrutopian Novel

By Leah Worthington

Author and activist Aya de León talks about rewriting the climate narrative through pop fiction.

Cat Willett

How A Survivor Contestant Learned to Keep Her Head Above Water

By Karla Cruz Godoy ’16 as told to Josh Sens, M.J. ’95

I found myself in the Pacific Ocean, trapped beneath a metal grate with the tide rising  around me, fighting the urge to panic.