Spring 2012

Seized! Features

Cyber Grift

As the ways to get online proliferate, so too do the ways to get suckered online. By Patrick Dillon Read more »

The 1% Solution

Robert Reich speaks up for everyone else. By Glen Martin Read more »

Fiat Lucre

Ideas are UC Berkeley’s greatest asset. If only you could bank on them. By Glen Martin Read more »

Hiding in Plain Sight

A scientist trains the immune system to recognize and attack cancer. By Wallace Ravven Read more »

Navigating the Law

Professors Caron and Scheiber pilot the Law of the Sea Institute through the shoals of international legal issues. By Vicki Haddock Read more »

Lab + Field


Saving wild animals could put children at risk. By Rachel Gross Read more »

A Matter of Perspective

All fraudulent photos have their secrets. A Berkeley professor uses geometry to uncover them. By Elaine Tu Read more »

Water Works

If using plasma as a disinfectant sounds like the stuff of fiction, think again. By Elaine Tu Read more »

Tail Spin

Robots learn a thing or two from lizards. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Arts + Letters

Reel Life

In the depths of the Great Depression, Louise Thompson Patterson ’23 led a group of aspiring African-American actors to the U.S.S.R. By Jack El-Hai Read more »

Far Flung

Savor La Serenissima

Get to know Venice by strolling along the canals. By Cindy Rosenheim Read more »

Taste Test

Strange Brew

A small group of enthusiasts revive a forgotten beverage. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Sather Gate

High Flier

CAA’s 2012 Alumnus of the Year Eric Schmidt, M.S.’79, Ph.D.’82, is a man of unusual hobbies as well as talents. By Joe Brown Read more »

Out of the Gate

Heart of Japan By Anne Pinckard ’02 Read more »