2021 Reservations Information

As of this writing, here are the booking protocols for our 2021 camping season: »
  • We will open for reservations before January 31, 2021. If you booked with us in 2019 or 2020, you’ll receive a reservation packet in the mail from us in mid-January. Email reminders will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. To get on our mailing list, sign up here!
  • February 28, 2021 is still the priority booking deadline. You must submit your reservation using our online reservations site. This is recommended for everyone interested in camping with us in 2021, both returning and new campers. Tent assignments will be announced in mid-March, and that is also when campers can directly book any tents that are still open after the priority booking period.
  • Smaller sessions: To help with social distancing, 50% - 60% of our tents will be available to book. The remaining tents will be left open / unbooked to ensure fewer people in camp. We will do our best to accommodate everyone seeking a tent in a session they’ve camped in previously, and hoping campers can be flexible on specific tent assignments and open to camping in other sessions this summer in case we are unable to get you a tent in your first-week choice. At this time, we do not know which tents will be available to book in 2021. We intend to return to our usual reservation policy protocols for 2022.
  • Tent Assignments: Priority for tent assignments will be given to those who have camped with us the longest and the most consecutive summers, and who book by February 28. If you’re a newer camper or haven’t camped with us recently, we suggest you request to camp in one of the following sessions: Weeks 2, 3, 5, 10, and 11.
  • Session preferences: If we can’t get you a tent in one of your top session preferences, you will be automatically placed on a waitlist.
  • Per tent pricing: We’ve simplified our pricing, which this year will be per-tent for Camps Blue and Gold rather than rates per camper. Camp Oski rates will still be per camper due to the majority of tents being large tents. Rates shown are all-inclusive (taxes and additional fees).
  • Deposit: Your deposit is fully refundable for any reason if you cancel with us in writing by March 7, 2021, or any time you are on the waitlist and request in writing via an email that you wish to be removed from the waitlist. See our Policy Page for full details.
  • No daily guest campers in 2021: Sorry, but in order to limit the number of people in camp and people coming in and out of camp, at this point, we anticipate that will not be offering daily passes this summer. We hope that we can return to offering daily passes in 2022.
  • Consider camping 11th Week, August 14 - 20! We’ll have openings in all 3 camps.
  • Camper Waiver 2021: We will be updating our Camper Waiver for 2021, which you will be prompted to acknowledge and sign electronically before you can request a tent. You will be able to view our updated waiver in late January before we open for reservations on our Policy Page.
  • Trip Insurance 2021: We highly recommend you consider purchasing trip insurance, and you can learn more about trip insurance policy offerings and coverages here.

Full details about booking for 2021 will be available in January. Campers who booked in 2019 and 2020 will be mailed reservation details in mid-January in advance of our opening registration.

We understand that even with our enhanced safety policies, not all campers will feel comfortable returning to the Lair this summer. Your booking (or lack of booking) for 2021 will not impact your reservation priority for 2022. We will use 2020’s booking as your priority for your 2022 reservation priority.

We can’t predict how Covid-19 will play out for 2022, and we will make every effort for our 2022 season to return to our usual reservation priorities based on what we had hoped would happen in 2020.

All policies are subject to change as CDC and local and state guidelines change.