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Science & Tech

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

By Leah Worthington

For the better part of the last 40-plus years, Cal alum and Carnegie Mellon psychology professor Michael Scheier has been thinking about optimism—what it is, where it comes from, and why it matters. 

UC Berkeley Goes All-Electric As Part of Ambitious Clean Energy Campus Plan

By Pat Joseph

Steam rises from the squat gray building next to Cal’s baseball diamond, the billows white against the blue sky. Long a familiar presence, the vaporous plume will disappear in the not-too-distant future, as the power plant that creates it is retired.

A New EPA Rule Targets Tailpipe Emissions

By Leah Worthington

Ten days before Earth Day, on April 12, the Biden administration announced plans to significantly curtail vehicular emissions through unprecedented regulations that, if finalized, would mark a turning point in the electrification of everything from passenger vehicles to big rig trucks.


Climate Hope Has a Champion

By Coby McDonald

In this era of climate crisis there’s plenty of doom and gloom going around.

All In and Zoomed Out

By Geoff Koch

What started as a way for a group of venture capital besties to convene during the COVID lockdown has become a podcast sensation.

Courtesy of The Science of Happiness Podcast

The Edge Episode 22: The Edge Presents “Climate, Hope and Science” From the Science of Happiness

This month we’re back with something a little different. In the wake of this year’s historic floods, wildfires, and hurricanes, we asked ourselves: What would it look like to take a more optimistic attitude towards slowing climate change?

(Jack Krusemark)

Scaling the Climate Crisis

By Margie Cullen

Molly Kawahata lives in Bozeman, Montana, so that she can climb frozen waterfalls in the frigid Rocky Mountain winters.

Lou flying from the campanile (Bridget Ahern)

Berkeley’s High Flying Falcons Rebounded From the Brink

By Margie Cullen

If you look up at the Campanile these days, you may just spot one of Berkeley’s celebrated peregrine falcons diving from its heights.

(Illustration using Canva)

The Science of Love

By Margie Cullen

To help us get a handle on the subject in time for Valentine’s Day, we turned to Simon-Thomas for answers on questions about the biological basis for love, the different kinds of human love, and unconventional arrangements like polyamory.

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The Edge Episode 21: Abolish Race (in Medicine)!

For centuries, doctors have medically treated people differently according to their race because they believed that race is biological. But in the last few years, medical professionals and activists have argued that this is both wrongheaded and can be dangerous to people’s health. In this episode, we talk to Stephen Richmond, a primary care physician and assistant professor at Stanford about the movement to abolish race from medicine and how race and biology do and do not intersect. 

11 Things You’ll Never Believe Came Out of Berkeley!

By Pat Joseph

Yeah, okay, you’ll probably believe some of it. Still, we think it’s a fun list.


A White House Correspondent, A Vet, and Cal’s Mic Men

By Martin Snapp

Columnist Martin Snapp shares alumni’s stories.