September October 2008

Sustainable Blueprint Features

Mr. Clean

Michael Wilson wants the chemical industry to make products safe before they get to the market. By Marilyn Berlin Snell Read more »

Slow Food Wrap

At first blush the challenge seemed ridiculous: Turn 50,000 square feet of raw space at San Francisco’s Fort Mason into a gleaming gourmet pavilion. By Stacy Finz Read more »

Delta Dawn

Can one of the state’s most critical ecological resources be saved? By Kerry Tremain Read more »

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and A Geothermal Heat Sink

Turning Sonoma County into a laboratory to test new strategies for cooling the globe. By Glen Martin Read more »

Sonoma: Beyond cap-and-trade

If the Cal researchers consulting on Sonoma’s sustainability initiative have their way, the project will shift the greenhouse gas reduction focus away from a free-market approach known as cap-and-trade to more localized, technology-based fixes. By Glen Martin Read more »

Basics of the Sustainability Initiative

The Sonoma County Sustainability Initiative has two broad objectives: establish the county as a landscape-scale laboratory to test greenhouse gas reduction strategies, and greatly reduce carbon emissions within the county. Read more »

Design of The Times

Like D.H. Burnham’s design of a century ago, Lisa Iwamoto’s rendering of a future San Francisco reveals the anxieties of the age. By Eric Simons Read more »

Playing with Blocks

The EcoBlock, which combines multiple environmental technologies, began as an alternative model for development in China (September/October 2006). The first one is scheduled to be built in the coastal city of Qingdao, host to the 2008 Olympic sailing competition and home of Tsingtao beer. But Harrison Fraker’s team at the College of Environmental Design, which developed the model, also hopes it will catch on in cities in California and elsewhere. Team member Lisia Zheng describes here the process of development. By Lisia Zheng Read more »

Cal’s Queen of Green

By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Concrete and Strawberries

The new home of the California Academy of Sciences is more than just a brilliant design. It’s also an inspired collaboration. By Eric Simons Read more »


Drilling Down

Tracing the origins of the Javan mud volcano By Madeleine Bair Read more »

The Connected Metabolism

Wireless technology could help diabetics monitor their therapy By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Señoras on The Verge

The surprising link between income and blood pressure By Madeleine Bair Read more »

Big Brother at The Bird Feeder

Ornithologists enlist Web surfers to track species via remote camera By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Hydrogen. What’s Not to Like?

Q & A with chemistry professor Kristie Boering By Timothy Lesle Read more »


National Insecurity

Laurie Anderson’s new show is an ambitious, yet enjoyable, exploration of the American narrative. By Steve Silberman Read more »

…And They Lived Happily Ever after

Romeo and Juliet, as Prokofiev intended. By Georgia Rowe Read more »


A Sauna on Spitsbergen

The captain of the MS Langøysund is a silent, balding man. By Lieve Joris Read more »

All about Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen, which means “jagged peaks” in Dutch, is one of three inhabited islands in the Svalbard archipelago, the northernmost European territory. Read more »

Sather Gate


Sather Gate is falling down. But not for long. By Erik Vance Read more »

The Spirit of Pappy

Coach Waldorf had a special affection for the vets on the postwar football teams—and they are still returning it. By Ron Fimrite ’52 Read more »